Haigern Festival Live: Music, fun and love are in the air

Theresa and Andreas Happold met here. Photos: Annika Heffter Photo: Heffter, Annika

We’re partying, dancing and singing again: after a two-year hiatus caused by the Crown pandemic, thousands of visitors are soaking up the festival atmosphere on Haiger this weekend. A few of them talk about the special moments they experienced at the festival and what feelings they have with Haigern live.

The love story begins at the festival seven years ago

Theresa and Andreas Happold met here on the hill between Talheim and Flein – seven years ago. He as a volunteer at the festival, she as a guest. “It was then that I got a VIP card from my brother. Andi was there in the VIP area. I saw him and thought, Wow, she says. “She beamed at me,” she recalls. The two talk, exchange cell phone numbers at the end of the evening, and say goodbye. “I wasn’t even in the car when he wrote to me,” says Theresa Happold and laughs.

The two are now married and their third child is on the way. And their story is still closely intertwined with the Haigern Live Festival. “Our son was born exactly three years after our meeting,” says Andreas Happold. He knows this because he gave his wife a Haigern live watch engraved with the date he met her. “Then we realized it was our son’s birthday.”

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It was Friday at the Haigern Live Festival with Bosse & Co

The family atmosphere is praised by many

Andreas Happold has been a midfielder at the festival since its inception and now they are both involved. “You feel comfortable here, it’s like being in a family, and you can still spend time with the kids late in the evening,” he says. After Corona, she adds, it was nice to meet so many friends again. “This festival is just such a focal point.”

For Ulrich Lauer and Nils Hartmann, this is their first time at Haigern. First impression? “It is very balanced between young and old people, it feels like a family celebration,” says Hartmann. “It’s just not too big,” adds Lauer.

After Corona, people want to “take whatever they can with them”

Haigern Festival Live: Music, fun and love are in the air

Ulrich Lauer (left) and Nils Hartmann are on Haigern for the first time. Photo: Heffter, Annika

Feel like people are “hungry after a two-year Corona hiatus and want to take whatever they can with them.” Everyone is in a good mood and having a good time. “

This is also Michelle List’s first visit. “I always wanted to go to Haigern, but never did, even though I lived in Heilbronn,” he says. But this year she came all the way from the Palatinate. “The location is absolutely beautiful, the people are in a good mood, the atmosphere is absolutely favorable,” summarizes List’s impressions.

At first, only a small scene in the trailer

Alexander Krone and Alexander Mohaupt were there from the very beginning. This year they took the stage as vocalists and guitarists from Guitarheros in the early Friday night. Krone already performed live in the first Haigern in 2009 – back then with his band Redial. “Back then, there was only a small trailer stage at the edge of the forest,” he says with a smile as he looks around the large area that is now home to thousands of festival goers.

His bandmate Alexander Mohaupt adds that the “charm and spirit” of the festival have remained the same and that our focus is still on a good cause – financing the Haigern children’s camp. Mohaupt was also the sponsor of the first Haigern concert.

Haigern live on Saturday night | Talheim | 23/07/2022 | 29 pictures | Photographer: Mario Berger

Many helpers are former guests or guardians of the children’s camp

Sunday family day, says Krone, is also great, his two young children are very enthusiastic. For Asim Zahiragic, it all started with the Haigern Children’s Camp. The 29-year-old is now a volunteer.

Many helpers, he says, were former visitors or camp overseers. “Many friendships have been made,” he says. For a support association, for children, you just want to help on a voluntary basis. “There are so many different people here who are the same for a few hours, forget about worries and play and shine.”

Milow as a top act

The Haigern Festival has been taking place live since 2009, this year it is already the twelfth edition. For four days, local and national bands will play at the event, on the next Monday, the last day of the open-air festival, Milow will be the main guest.

The event kicks off Monday at 5:30 PM with shuttle buses running up and down the hill from 5:15 PM to 11:30 PM. The festival is organized almost entirely by volunteers. Income and money from sponsors from the event help children to spend their free time in Haigern.

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