Hoffenheim triumphs: SC Freiburg is coming – football

The youngsters from TSG Hoffenheim won this trophy for the first time in Ergenzingen. Photo: Sabitzer

Great football was offered at the B youth tournament in Ergenzingen, which could repeat itself two years later. A new team entered the list of winners.

TSG Hoffenheim’s offspring won the Ergenzinger Bitzer Cup for the first time, which was held on a different date after a forced two-year break, but in full sun.

1899 remains a blank sheet

Undefeated and without any losses, Carsten Kuhn’s team secured the title. On the final day of the match, SC Freiburg was the most successful with six points and moved up to second place, just one point behind him. The boys from TuS Ergenzingen fought bravely but had to pay some internship fees and finished last with 0 points and 1:20 goals.

games on Sunday

SC Freiburg – HSV 2: 0. In the first game on Sunday, Germany from the north had to face a sports club. But there was a 2-0 defeat to Freiburg who drew on points.

Wolverhampton Wanderers – TuS Ergenzingen 1-0 The boys from TuS coped well with the strong English. Unfortunately, the goal decided the match to the detriment of the hosts.

TSG Hoffenheim 0-0 Eintracht Frankfurt. The two leading teams met at lunchtime. Hoffenheim’s success would be a preliminary decision. In a technically good game, but with the pace under control, they split up goalless 0-0, thanks to which the race for the title remained open.

TuS Ergenzingen – SC Freiburg 0: 6. The boys from Gäu defended 0-0 for eight minutes, then it was 2-0 in two minutes. A long shot was 3-0 before the break. After the change, the better youth of the Bundesliga added three more goals, thanks to which finally half a dozen were full.

HSV-TSG Hoffenheim 0-0. In the decisive tournament match for Hoffenheim, a 0-0 draw was enough for the Kraichgau team in the heat of heat to celebrate their victory in the tournament before the last match.

Eintracht Frankfurt – Wolverhampton Wanderers 2: 3. In the last game of the tournament, the first place was already established. The English, however, fiercely defended themselves and in the match with the most goals they went from losing to winning 3: 2.

The basis for victory in the tournament

In Saturday’s games, Hoffenheim laid the groundwork for a tournament victory with a 1-0 win over SC Freiburg. The injury time goal in the first half was a success for the boys from TSG – the TuS youth had to go through the 0-5 against Frankfurt before it was 0-3 against Hoffenheim. In retrospect, SC Freiburg lost a potential tournament win by beating Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-1. Frankfurt’s 2-0 victory against HSV was also strong.

SC Freiburg 0: 1 GTS Hoffenheim. A goal in injury time in the first half gave the TSG boys a slight 1-0 victory in the Baden derby.

TuS Ergenzingen – Eintracht Frankfurt 0: 5. In the beginning, the boys from Gäu were doing great and even had the opportunity to take the lead. A double strike shortly before Gianni Vadacca and Philip Patrick Eisele changed sides brought the eagles forward. More goals from Vinicius Costa Zachmann (42nd and 48th) and Ilay Janis Soytürk (45th) resulted in a well-deserved 5-0 victory.

Wolverhampton Wanderers 0-0 Hamburger SV. In the match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Hamburger SV, the spectators, as usual, saw a tight match against the English, but without goals; he remained without points.

TuS Ergenzingen 0: 3 TSG Hoffenheim. The boys from Mensch / Merz also did very well in the third game, but they stayed goalless and lost 3-0 to TSG.

Eintracht Frankfurt – HSV 2-0. In a good game, the Frankfurt Eagles wanted to stay in the intermediate table at the undefeated Hoffenheim. This was achieved thanks to a hard-fought 2-0 success

SC Freiburg 1-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers. At the end of the second day, there was another distribution of points for the boys of the sports club. Ultimately it was 1-1 against the traditional island club.

Final score

1. TSG Hoffenheim 11 points / 5: 0 goals, 2. SC Freiburg 10/11: 3, 3. Wolverhampton Wanderers 8/5: 4, 4. Eintracht Frankfurt 7/10: 5, 5. HSV 5/5: 5 , 6. TuS Ergenzingen 0/1: 20.

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