“Let’s Dance”: Caroline Bosbach ends after concert 5

“Let’s dance”
Caroline Bosbach ends after show 5

Caroline Bosbach and Valentin Lusin were eliminated in Show Five.

© RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Despite the new Corona cases, Let’s Dance went flawlessly. For Caroline Bosbach, however, it succeeded …

The subsequent ups and downs of the crown did not detract from the fifth concert of “Let’s Dance” at RTL (also at RTL +). Jan Köppen (39) replaced Daniel Hartwich (43) who tested positive on Friday night. “It’s nice to stand here,” the presenter marveled from the very beginning. After the emotional show, however, he had to say goodbye: for Caroline Bosbach (32) the journey to “Let’s Dance” came to an end …

The beginning of the fifth show, whose motto was “Made in Germany”, was performed by the star of “GZSZ” Timur Ülker (32) and his dance partner Malika Dzumaev (31) from cha-cha-cha to “In” Nico Santos Your Arms “. Despite some mistakes, the jury’s verdict was mostly positive. “I feel this optimism that Timur is getting better,” marveled Jorge González (54). Score for two: a solid 20 points.

The audience is standing with Amira Pocher

In order to “break the knot” Caroline Bosbach and Valentin Lusin (35) then put a stylish Slowfox in a purple robe on the floor – “difficult dance”, according to juror Joachim Llami (57): “It looked good above, but there is a lot of work at the bottom. to complete”. End of song: 14 points – and at least an offer for private training in high heels from Jorge González. On the other hand, things were better for actress Sarah Mangione (31) and Vadim Garbuzov (34), who scored a maximum of 30 points for their Contemporary last week. He scored 21 points for her “cheeky, exciting and genuine” jive, as Motsi Mabuse called it (40).

“Barefoot and showing affection”: only a contemporary can follow this description. He got close to Amira Pocher (29) and Massimo Sinató (41) in show five and sparked a standing ovation among the audience – and “goosebumps” for Motsi Mabuse. The jury appreciated the appearance of two 25 points – nine of them came from the otherwise strict Joachim Llambi. In turn, the rumba on the classic “Ohne Dich” Michelle (50) and Christian Polanc (43) scored only 16 points. Criticism of Joachim Llambi: The pop singer has to work on body stability and posture.

“Last place has never been so nice!”

Mathias Mester, 35, and Patricija Ionel, 27, rolled the dance floor with Charleston to the smash hit “My Little Green Cactus.” The latter had to replace Renata Lusin (34), who was infected with Corona. Mester and Ionel have always entertained the audience – but also the jury? With 25 points and “Bomba, Bomba, Bomba” by Jorge González, they were one of the best couples of the night!

A title that Bastian Bielendorfer (37) and Ekaterina Leonova (34) can only dream of. Finally: Your Slowfox finally hit the coveted double-digit 13 on Friday night. “The last place has never been so nice,” marveled Bielendorfer. Mike Singer (22) and Christina Luft (32) kicked off Quickstep with a personal performance to Matthias Reims, “Damn, I Love You.” Her dance ended with a standing ovation from the audience – and partly also from the jury. “It was your best dance,” said Jorge González. 23 points were awarded for her performance.

Motsi Mabuse started to cry

The last and best dance of the evening – slow waltz – was performed by Janin Ullmann (40) and Zsolt Sándor Cseke (34). The moderator dedicated her 28-point performance to her older sister. Along with the message, it also briefly moved juror Motsi Mabuse to tears.

The big decision where the three couples had to shake was emotional: Michelle and Christian, Caroline and Valentin, and Bastian and Ekaterina. After all, it was not enough for Caroline and Valentin, who also had to tremble in the previous show.


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