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Crowdsurfing was a must for the festival. Photo: Zylla © Zylla

Carefree days after multiple cancellations during the crown pandemic: Music Forge Festival in Lich attracts over 1,000 visitors

light . »Let’s Rock Together«: 22 acts, over 1000 guests, 500 campers and a natural atmosphere in the heart of the Licher. The Music Forge festival has celebrated its comeback. The crew, the artists and the audience celebrated it with satisfaction and detachment. With Annisokay on Friday and Emil Bulls on Saturday, the top stars have entered the forge. «.

The team from the association “Music Forge Kultur & Kunst” briefly worried about the president Robin Kraupatz: When the storm from Wednesday to Thursday, shortly before the start of their festival of the same name, also passed over the pool in the Licher Forest, it left the erected destruction » forge «. This is what they call the “Falżar” festival site. He was imprisoned in the Licher forest, with a bathing lake right in front of the doorstep.

storm worries for damage

Despite Mother Nature’s rebellion, a human-sized monument depicting a blacksmith’s hammer has been erected in the center of the site. According to the plan, the opening party could start on Thursday evening. Anyone who would consider too much bathing in the mosh pit could jump into the cool water for all three days of the festival. It’s good that campers could take a short break in their tent or caravan.

For three days, the festival allowed viewers to break away from the hectic everyday life for a moment. Or finally set off again with like-minded people to his favorite songs. At the festival “Love is in the air”: people hugged, danced together and enjoyed a few carefree days.

Of course, the coronavirus was responsible for the longing that arose. The pandemic still lags behind musicians and their fans. So many Forgers said, and you could hear it over and over again from the stage. This should come as no surprise to anyone: two years of near downtime have caused enormous damage to culture. This was also a topic here again and again.

But these worries seemed to be yesterday. The “Warm-up and baptism of fire are over,” was announced after the opening ceremony from the headquarters of the “Forge Crew” with satisfaction on social media.

During the opening ceremony, the bands Firestorm, Sindustry and Certain Skies lit musical metal in the furnace. Also on Saturday, Firestorm and Certain Skies were on stage together. Once again it became clear that Corona still had an impact: “Unfortunately, there are absences from the squad due to acute illnesses. The guys from Firestorm and Certain Skies are compensating and shaking the forge, “said Robin Kraupatz with relief.

The well-known lights opened on Saturday morning: Songlines helped with the morning hangover and conjured a smile on the faces of a tired Forger with songs from the charts. This would be until evening, before the space in front of the stage reached its capacity for spectators. There was a celebration at Music Forge, not just in front of the stage.

Grilling was forbidden due to extreme dryness and the risk of fire, but on the other hand, counterfeiters were royally supplied with various food trucks. In April Art, Deez Nuts, and later Annisokay, shrouded in darkness here, most of the guests set aside steaks, fries, and burgers. The program featured exercise with dancing, pogo and headbanging. It was just as crowded in front of the stage as it was on Saturday night for other large calibers.

Even Berlin rap was represented here by B-Tight, though only carefully accepted by rock lovers. Nevertheless, there were enough people to have fun together in front of the stage. “B-Tight has just been rigged!” Was the verdict of the organizer.

love song to the fans

As Christoph von Freydorf, Emil Bulls singer, rapped, the atmosphere in the forge was boiling. This mood then continued like a torch with energetic punk rock. Elfmorgen sang about “Mustache”, typical of punk rock, about the “Nazis” and performed a love song for her fans who led artists through the pandemic.

Regarding “wearing”: punk rockers enlivened the first surfers last night. It caught on with the pirates of folk rockers »Mr. Hurley & the Powder Monkeys «Continued. Back then, of course, there was no way to stop the headliner, Emil Bulls. At midnight, the fire in the forge was extinguished. But the good mood lingered.

Berlin rap was represented by B-Tight. Photo: Zylla © Zylla

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