Ramelow demands emergency aid for municipal energy suppliers. Free press

The federal government gets involved with the run-down energy company Uniper. But what will happen to many municipal utilities and other municipal energy suppliers? Thuringia’s prime minister, Bodo Ramelow, believes the federal government has a duty.


Thuringia’s prime minister, Bodo Ramelow, asked the federal government to impose a protective shield on municipal energy suppliers. The financial situation of many utilities and other utilities suppliers is extremely tense, given the high purchase prices for energy, Ramelow told a German news agency in Erfurt. After all, they are legally obliged to provide every household with basic electricity and gas supplies. “It’s not enough for the federal government to step in with a billion-dollar bailout for the ailing energy company Uniper.”

According to Ramelow, the problems of regional suppliers cannot be left to communes and federal states alone. – There must be a protective shield. An instrument with state guarantees, possibly loans and the relaxation of bankruptcy laws, has already proven its worth during the pandemic to help companies survive the tough economic times.

“Unfortunately, the talks between the prime ministers of the federal states and the federal government are not yet sufficient,” Ramelow said. “It has to change.” The specialist ministers have so far not had any success with the federal government on this matter.

According to Ramelow, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) held a teleconference with prime ministers on Friday on Uniper and security of supply. He referred to the problems of utility suppliers and proposed a separate round, Ramelow said. He fears that “urban structures are under threat due to high energy prices and inflation.”

expand the protective shield

According to the left-wing politician, municipal and cooperative housing companies should also be under the protective umbrella. First you would have to finance high energy costs for tenants, utility bills with tenants are usually only possible once a year. “This creates liquidity problems for housing companies.” Ramelow reported that the red-red-green government of Thuringia is preparing a package of demands for a decision by the traffic light government in Berlin.

The federal government has decided that the state will join the failing energy company Uniper as part of a rescue package. Uniper is of great importance for the energy supply of citizens and businesses, she explained as the reason for this step. Uniper has to buy more expensive gas on the market to fulfill contracts as supplies from Russia are throttled via the Baltic Nord Stream 1 pipeline. This leads to liquidity problems. (dpa)

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