100 years of the Berner perfumery – the city of Hachenburg congratulates the city on its anniversary

Press release of July 25, 2022.

100 years ago, the Berner perfumery opened its doors at Wilhelmstrasse 28. Reason enough for the city of Hachenburg to congratulate the current owner and her employees and finally look back at the exciting and touching history of the store.

Mayor Stefan Leukel and city manager Timea Zimmer (right) congratulate Ursula Hess on her 100th anniversary. (Photos: City)

Hachenburg. Most people don’t age that long: the Berner perfumery has been around for 100 years. “The 100th anniversary is already the house number!” Says Mayor Stefan Leukel, who, together with city manager Timea Zimmer, congratulated the current owner Ursula Hess and her employees on the occasion. The city recalls the company’s moving story: Ursula Hess found out about the opening date 100 years ago from an old photograph commemorating the event. So she went to research and looked for the old master’s testimony. But it was not until a telephone call to the trade office revealed the desired result on July 12, 1922.

Upon entering the store, the guest immediately smells the wonderful scent of numerous perfumes and cosmetics from well-known brands. But you can also find a wide selection of handbags in the store, as Ursula Hess would like to target other customer groups with an expansion of the range. If you walk down the narrow corridor to the back of the room, it’s like time has stopped. The gleaming silver metal bars on the ceiling, a nostalgic chair and old hair clippers recall a time when the store was mostly a men’s salon and men almost every minute asked for a fresh haircut: “If you opened the store after the lunch break, there was already a gentleman line along Wilhelmstrasse – says Ursula Hess from the old days when its boss and founder Willi Berner still managed perfumery. Willi Berner was always appreciated by his employees. The interaction was respectful, eye level, and friendly. It was a nice working atmosphere, as it is now – reports a long-time employee of the perfumery.

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The opening of the will after the death of Willi Berner aroused emotion in Urszula Hess when she learned that she had been allowed to continue her activity. So she practically became self-employed overnight. Her life suddenly changed, but she still does not regret taking this step: “Back then, I had no doubts whether I would continue the business, even though it was a very touching moment for me.” A photo of the founder and longtime owner of the perfumery still hangs on the wall, reminding visitors and employees of the old days. Like the clock going backwards which makes everyone more flattering.

Ursula Hess has been looking after her customers for over 40 years in a small perfumery in a historic pedestrian street. He especially enjoys personal contact with people. Every day, he eagerly talks to his regular customers and learns the latest stories about Hachenburg. “A service that can only be experienced on site,” he says. For 13 years, she has been running the Berner perfumery herself and puts her heart and soul into it every day. (IN THE AFTERNOON)

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