How employers can provide a healthy lunch break

How employers can provide a healthy lunch break

The deadline is approaching, the to-do list is full and the cell phone is constantly vibrating – stress at work is everyday life for many Germans. One consequence is that employees often don’t even leave their workplace for a well-deserved lunch break: instead of going to a healthy business lunch with colleagues, Dining room on the desk grows. Patrick Löffler and his team have developed an app that sends employees to a healthy lunch together. After all, those who eat regularly, healthy and in a balanced way benefit from noticeably increased productivity and generally feel more balanced.

Sadness on the table (for writing)

An empty pile of lettuces in a Tupperware box, a summer pizza from a courier company, or a minimalist soup vase from a micro-balanced diet at work have never been easy. But since the crown pandemic has forced domestic workers and catering establishments to close, Dining room on the desk has grown significantly. In the daily work at home, many people lack the motivation and willingness to prepare healthy meals, often ending up with unhealthy snacks or a few bites of frozen lasagna in front of the screen. And this despite the fact that mental health is a top priority today. So what can be done to motivate home workers to take breaks?

Too little motivation, too much stress

“I just can’t afford a break” is the second argument against taking a lunch break away from my desk, as well as a lack of motivation. Also in the home office, as the saved commuting time would be ‘wasted’ by cooking instead of in the canteen. In a survey by Kununu, a cultural assessment platform, 34% of women and 36% of men say they simply don’t have time to eat healthy meals during working hours. 4 out of 10 employees say that their daily working life makes it difficult, at least, to eat a balanced diet.

Proper break design

That is also the view of Patrick Löffler, CEO and co-founder of givve. Löffler wants to contribute to a healthy working day with its products. Why is “adequate rest” so important? Anyone who starts the afternoon refreshed and fortified with a healthy lunch is more efficient, more balanced and therefore all the more productive. An ideal combination, for example, is a walk to the nearest cafe where you can have a light lunch with colleagues, says Löffler. It’s also worth spending ten extra minutes for a coffee, as the best ideas and contacts often emerge in a resolved context. “It’s also important not to check your work-related e-mails or answer phone calls during breaks,” advises Löffler. After all, they are still available within 15 minutes – and after a short break, they can be processed much more efficiently. Ultimately, not only employees benefit, but also their customers and employers.

A win-win situation for employers and employees

Many companies have already noticed this win-win situation, which is why they support healthy lunch breaks for their employees with benefits. Their added value results, firstly, from increased employee productivity, secondly, from fewer cases of overwork and stressful diseases, and thirdly, from greater loyalty to the company. Precisely because the willingness to change among German employees is clearly growing, it is more important than ever for employers to increase the well-being and loyalty of their employees. And since love is known to pass through the stomach, culinary clothing gifts very good.


Patrick Löffler and his company have developed the “givve lunch” application with which you can simply scan your meal bills. The employer then bears the costs of the employees excluding tax. With this digital solution, Löffler wants The return of a healthy lunch break contribute. In addition, he finds balance while surfing or meditating.

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