Laga Beelitz: Deborah Sasson with opera, pop and musical

Beelitz. The splendor and splendor of the great show stages at the State Garden Show 2022 at the Beelitz festival site on Nieplitz: world star Deborah Sasson will offer a program between pop and classical music on July 28. There will be plenty of musical surprises and pop tours, and of course great opera arias. After all, Deborah Sasson shone in the operas of London, Venice, San Francisco, Vienna, Paris and Berlin.

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Sasson zu Beelitz: “I come from the asparagus region myself”

“We are very pleased that despite the tight schedule, he will enrich our stage program at the State Garden Show. It will be an unforgettable experience – admire the Mayor of Beelitz Bernhard Knuth even before the show.

Laga Beelitz large outdoor stage.

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Born in Boston, Massachusetts, the soprano has for decades been one of the greatest musicals, opera and classical music, with successful forays into the world of pop. Deborah Sasson is joined in “Music of the Night” by Ivan Urvalov on piano, violinist Ashraf Kateb and guitarist Frank Bacueville. The St. Petersburg Chamber Philharmonic from Frankfurt am Main will also play.

In an interview, Deborah Sasson reveals what she has prepared for Beelitz and why she feels attached to the city of asparagus despite being a guest here for the first time.

Mrs. Sasson, her concerts and musical performances have brought you to our region more than once. Have you had time to look around here?

Debora Sason: Yes, we have driven a lot in your beautiful surroundings over the past twelve years! Unfortunately, I never made it to Beelitz during the asparagus season. I myself come from the asparagus region in Hessen Bergstrasse. But the people of Beelitz tell me that it can’t be compared to their town of asparagus. I’ll have to check it myself at the next meeting.

Crossover concert for Beelitzer Laga

What can the audience expect at a concert in Beelitz?

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This concert is with my core of musicians, i.e. pianist, violinist and guitarist. There is also a large orchestra in the form of the St. Petersburg Chamber Philharmonic from Frankfurt am Main. This is our first concert together since the Covid epidemic started, a milestone for us. That is why we are glad that this concert takes place in such a beautiful setting. I composed the program of the songs that shaped my life. It’s a cross-over concert: I sing songs from operas and musicals that I sang in big houses, and classically arranged rock songs. It really is very different, from Kansas’ Dust in the Wind to Carmen’s Habaner aria.

Do you have a favorite song in the program?

Oh, it’s a favorites program! But the duet “If I want to dance” from the musical Elisabeth means a lot to me. I sang it with Uwe Kröger in Shanghai. It was just before closing time, we had to cancel the tour then. This duo received a standing ovation. It was so incredibly beautiful that we sang it twice in a row. In Beelitz I will sing a duet with Robert Schwarz. He is an opera singer, but has also performed many musicals. It is versatile and fits very well with the program.

Deborah Sasson with Uwe Kröger in

Deborah Sasson with Uwe Kröger in “The Phantom of the Opera”.

Your repertoire is also varied. You like to emphasize that you do not distinguish between classical and light music.

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When I was on stage at the Bayreuth Festival, I had a pop hit on the charts “Danger in your Eyes”. Leonhard Bernstein once quoted: There is only good and bad music. When I was studying opera, I sang with a pop band in the summer. It was great even if my teacher was a bit surprised. Then she came to the concert and was delighted. There weren’t too many operas in the US to sing either. It was difficult to gain experience there. It was also the reason why I came to Europe. With so many houses, I thought I had landed in paradise.

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What makes a difference to you when you play an opera or, like in Beelitz, on an open-air stage?

I love outdoor concerts. It’s nice to just be outside. While visiting the opera houses of the big cities, you can’t see anything of the city: you practice indoors, go out to eat, and then to a concert. At Open Airs you will see more of the city you are in. During the performance, you can also see the faces of people in the audience. I like this exchange, you don’t look into a black hole like you do on the opera stage. (Interview: Enrico Bellin)

Free tickets for Deborah Sasson at Laga Beelitz

Tickets for the evening cost 45 euros and are available from Beelitz Tourist Info and all booking offices in advance – or as a free ticket. Because at MAZ-online we are giving away free 5×2 tickets to the concert of Deborah Sasson. Just take part – here for the Laga quiz.

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