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Stammtisch: Ask Norbert Haug a question!

So we turn off our ticker for today and we differ at this point. For members of our YouTube channel we have a special treat tonight.

Since its introduction in December 2021, the virtual regular table has become a regular star of German-speaking Formula 1 connoisseurs. This time we have once again invited a special guest: Norbert Haug.

As early as 7:00 PM, the longtime head of motorsport at Mercedes-Benz will be answering questions from our channel members, who can communicate with Haug via a close-up meeting. All information is here!

My colleague Norman Fischer will be back tomorrow on the info bar with a new number. Have a nice Monday, have a good start to the new week and until then!


Tires in Budapest

As in France, mixtures C2 to C4 will also be used in Hungary. Mario Isola from Pirelli explains: “In the past, Hungaroring was a circuit where it was difficult to overtake.”

“But this year’s new car and tire package helps drivers stay much closer. That is why we have seen some great races this season with a lot of overtaking maneuver, ”he recalled.

“I hope that will also be the case at Hungaroring,” said Isola. Of course, we share this hope! All further information on the tires this weekend can be found here:


Hungary: Why Tsunoda is optimistic

AlphaTauri has had no championship points for four races. The last time this happened to the Scuderia was during the 2018 season, when the name Toro Rosso was still used. Yuki Tsunoda is hoping this black series will end in Budapest.

“There are medium-fast and slow corners,” he explains. And especially in slow corners, they did quite well this year. “For example, we played well in Azerbaijan,” he recalls.

In fact, Pierre Gasly had the best result of the season so far for AlphaTauri in Baku with P5. In Hungary, a little less would probably be enough on the weekend. The most important thing is that the points pop up again …


fines for the engine

As is well known, Sainz and Magnussen received their first penalty kicks of the year in France over the weekend. This means that six out of 20 drivers have already received at least one engine fine this season.

And it’s safe to assume that no driver will pass the entire season without a penalty. Because even at Red Bull, where things are still looking relatively good, penalties are already scheduled for the second half of the season.

On ServusTV, Helmut Marko explains: “The same will happen to us and we just need to choose a route where we can overtake relatively well.” In the past, Spa or Monza, for example, were popular places for this.

An overview of all motor penalties 2022 is available here!


The rating is here!

As promised, there will also be a big final evaluation of our ratings this weekend. Exciting: race winner Max Verstappen only came in third! At the top was a photo finish between Lewis Hamilton and Carlos Sainz.

Find out who finally won here!

Photo gallery: Le Castellet: Editors’ driving degrees


The most boring tracks of Formula 1 …

… from the last 40 years we have gathered for you in this series of photos. Completely subjective, of course – and it is no coincidence that this series of photos comes to mind after Le Castellet of all places …

Photo gallery: 15 of the most boring Formula 1 routes in the last 40 years


Marko warns: The World Cup is not over yet

Max Verstappen’s lead in the World Cup is 63 points after yesterday’s race. On “ServusTV”, however, Helmut Marko makes it clear that the defense of the Dutch title will still not be a certain success.

“Now we still want to be at the summit in Budapest,” he emphasizes, explaining that “a huge number of points” are still to be scored. “I think you have to win ten or twelve races to have a real chance in the world championship,” said Marko.

Verstappen currently has seven wins this season so he is on the right track. But: In the remaining ten races of the season (including the Brazilian sprint) there is a maximum of 268 points left to score.

So Verstappen and Red Bull certainly can’t get their legs up yet!


Mercedes: The biggest problem is qualifying

You can see that the Silver Arrows are regularly doing much better in the race than they are in qualifying. Toto Wolff reveals that tires sometimes don’t end up in the “optimal window” until the second or third fast lap.

“And then of course you miss the top of the first lap in flight,” he explains, adding: “In the race we lose three seconds at the beginning and then we stabilize and we are actually not that bad.”

Currently, we are still looking for the cause of this state of affairs. “But we have the brightest and best people,” says the team leader, confident that these issues will soon be resolved.

This would be especially important in the upcoming race in Hungary. As you know, overtaking is not easy there.

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