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Managed cloud services from distribution

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In a cloud business, distribution is required as an activator and service provider. That is why Ingram Micro provides its partners with a number of white label services. Igor Guss, Group Manager at broadliner, explains the concept of IaaS Managed Services.

Igor Guss, Group Manager IaaS at Ingram Micro Germany, provides partners with flexible support in the cloud business.

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ITB: Ingram Micro has also been offering AWS and Azure operational services with IaaS managed services for the good two years. How do white label services fit into your portfolio?

Guss: For several years now, Ingram Micro has been focusing on expanding our service portfolio and constantly expanding our range of services. In our cloud business, IaaS managed services are a vital part alongside professional services such as evaluation, proof of concept or holistic migration: first we move our partners’ customers to the cloud and then operate the IaaS environment for them.

ITB: What is the benefit of a partner that allows the distributor to provide services that allow him to generate income himself?

Guss: One of the challenges in the industry is the constant shortage of skilled workers. If the partner does not have enough employees or wants to use them elsewhere, they outsource cloud operations to a trusted distributor. Thanks to this, its employees can focus on their core competences, such as cloud consulting or creating complex architectures. Because it doesn’t maximize its team’s paid hours by offering 24/7 monitoring and phone service. In addition, IaaS Managed Services have the charm of a partner that they are recurring services in which they are permanently involved in the margin.

ITB: How is the demand for operational services developing?

Guss: We are still relatively early in Germany. Distribution’s role as an extended work environment for cloud environments is not yet ingrained in the mindset of many partners. But we observe a rethink taking place. It is already much more established that partners use Ingram Micro’s professional services. Because system companies are under pressure: If they don’t move their customers’ workloads to the cloud because they don’t have the knowledge and skills themselves, they come and take over the cloud-born service provider’s projects.

ITB: In the case of such services, both professional and managed, shouldn’t the goal be for the partners to build competences for independent service provision in the long term?

Guss: There are many examples of this at Ingram Micro in the US. Partners there have used our services to conceptually understand how cloud infrastructures are monitored 24/7 and operated according to related SLAs. Based on what they learned, they were able to quickly set up their managed service teams or convert units from classic datacenter and hosting operations to the cloud so they could now offer the services themselves. We expect to see a similar development in Germany with some delay. As a distributor, we can support our partners, regardless of their knowledge and resources. We can give you a quick start so you can quickly gain a foothold as a cloud-based SME based on the principle of “learning on the job”. Or, we support experienced partners selectively as required in their Managed Services business.

Ingram Micro worked with Microsoft to develop the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) platform.  (akitada31)

Igor Guss, Group Manager IaaS at Ingram Micro, believes that Well-Architected Framework is the driving force behind the business.  (Micro ingrams)

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