Scooter performance at the festival

Scooter concert in Parookaville
The godfather of German Techno does the honors

HP Baxxter has been on the scene with the Scooter team for almost 30 years. The blonde has not lost a bit of energy over the years.

The last song is long over, but HP Baxxter just continues. He stands in front of the audience with his arms outstretched, shouting to people, “We don’t care what time it is because we don’t come home” (We don’t care what time it is because we’re not home). Tens of thousands of listeners in front of the Parookaville stage respond in unison. The words repeat over and over, they are Baxxter’s mantra.

The man with peroxide blonde hair is now 58 and has been performing on stage with his band Scooter for almost 30 years. Nevertheless, his energy and willingness to carry masses of people with him seems uninterrupted. Only if you look closely, it seems that after more than an hour’s concert he is a bit tired. But who wouldn’t be.

From the very first song, Baxxter throws everything he has at the audience: his hands continually pump the bass towards the audience as if he is personally responsible for the incoming sound waves. He jumps from foot to foot, constantly changing position on the stage.

And then there’s his hallmark: the voice. So penetrating and powerful, he was able to convince the dead to get up and dance again to Scooter’s music. Most of the time, the Baxxter effortlessly drowns out the music that pops out of the speakers at full speed. However, what he says does not matter. The singer asks “How much does a fish cost?” (How much does a fish cost), but to this day there is no answer. He tirelessly emphasizes the importance of “hardcore” and generally loud music for him.

Baxxter is passionately commemorating rave culture time and time again, hardly venturing out into the world except for its bright strobe lights and rumbling bass. It can be criticized as monotonous or boring, and at the same time it is mercilessly effective: anyone can sing along to the lyrics right away. Their irrelevance makes them recognizable. Once heard, lines bite into long-term memory. This is even more true of the Scooter melody. Almost every song uses catchy passages to sing along, as the audience screams out at the Weezer night sky with all their might. Collective experience causes goose bumps more than once.

From the very beginning of the show, it can be said that Scooter has been in the market for a long time. The organ piece “Toccata in D minor” by Johann Sebastian Bach resounds gloomily towards the visitors of Parookaville. The atmospheric introduction creates an arc of tension, involuntarily making you want to go to the concert. “We’re back” flashes on the huge LED screens. The band has survived in the rapidly developing music industry to this day. From the first song, “In Rave We Trust” shows why: the warm synthesizer soundscapes and consistently strong beats make each track a musical roller coaster ride that speeds up your pulse but leaves room for deep breaths.

As on the lyrical level, all the sonic elements are brought down to the essentials. Each listener should immediately understand what is going on. There are no surprises, no artistic twists. The foundation is the stoic rumbling bass that sets the direction: Scooter’s concert always moves forward, there is no room for melancholy or thoughtfulness. It’s a party after all.

The light show is also quite restrained compared to many of the other shows at Parookaville. In the 90s, there were no such large stages with the most modern technology as those created at the festival. The scooter stays true to itself here, only releasing flames into the air from time to time or setting off fireworks. Scantily clad dancers move to the rhythm of the music on the stage. A remnant of a bygone era that seems a bit out of place today.

But you can’t blame the team for that. All other aspects of their show have aged remarkably well, especially HP Baxxter himself. As he comes off the stage, you can see a big smile on his face. Man lives for music, draws an impressive amount of energy from it and the audience. No wonder she just won’t stop.

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