Security and the cloud drive the managed services business

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Security and the cloud drive the managed services business

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As companies are digitally transforming, the demand for managed services is increasing. Ongoing protection against cyber threats and running workloads in the cloud are among the tasks that are increasingly entrusted to service providers.

The demand for managed services is growing steadily.

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There is no digitization without managed services: Companies increasingly place clearly defined parts of IT operations in the hands of service providers to focus on their core processes and related applications. Cloud computing and cybersecurity are currently the biggest drivers of this development, which has great potential for this channel. However, for classic resellers, entering the managed services business involves changing business and revenue models and introducing new tools and processes.

Both in security and in the cloud, the lack of knowledge and specialist staff is the main reason why companies outsource monitoring and management of service provider’s systems. Defending against growing cyber threats and managing workloads in the cloud often presents IT departments with challenges that they are unable to meet on their own. As a result, there is a growing demand for managed security services and managed cloud services.

Managed Cloud Providers

The requirement to ensure the stable, efficient and secure operation of IaaS environments requires administrators to have different skills than traditional IT operations. Therefore, a new type of service provider, the managed cloud provider, is increasingly taking over the associated tasks. Meanwhile, service providers of various origins act in this role and offer the appropriate services. These include system companies, IT consulting companies, cloud-born companies, and hosting providers.

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