The Social Sciences High School at IBG in Lahr celebrates its 50th birthday – Lahr

The social sciences gymnasium at the integrated vocational gymnasium in Lahr has been in existence for 50 years and was praised from all sides during the celebration of the anniversary.

Some may be surprised that the Integrated Vocational Secondary School (IBG) celebrated its 50th anniversary last Friday. Because in 2019 there was already a large festival with the same number on the front. The duplication is not (only) due to the fact that the school likes to celebrate, but because of the special structure of the educational institution, which in the 1968/69 school year was a vocational gymnasium with an economic focus and was expanded three years later to include a branch of social sciences.

Only IBG – and currently outsourced technical colleges – provided a model, known far beyond the county boundaries, integrating the various vocational courses that are taught together in core subjects.

Lots of celebrities at the anniversary celebrations

The mere fact that the anniversary was attended not only by Secretary of State Sandra Boser (Greens) from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, but also Minister of Justice and Migration Marion Gentges (CDU), testifies to the importance of the School, Mayor Markus Ibert of Lahr said in a greeting. As a guarantor of well-trained young people, as a liaison between schools and companies, and as a proposal to attend high school graduation after nine years, “IBG enriches the school landscape in Lahr,” according to the mayor.

As a representative of the Ortenaukreis school authority, Heiko Faller, head of the department of social affairs, found teaching these two profile subjects together as useful for practicing the “network thinking” that will later become so important in a career. It enables “developing social methods and skills and developing a holistic approach from the outset”. IBG offers ideal preparation for studies or high-quality training, which is why the Ortenau district is proud of the “interdisciplinary pioneering pedagogical work” carried out there.

Unique IBG selling point

Principal Claudia Cassiani also emphasized the unique advantage of IBG and the fact that in 1971 there was only one other socio-pedagogical school in Baden-Vrttemberg, Radolfzell. – Meanwhile, the vocational high school has become a model of success – says Cassiani.

Sandra Boser praised the work of IBG where “the challenges of an increasingly heterogeneous student environment and digitization” were accepted.

Marion Gentges pointed out that not all federal states have vocational gymnasiums and praised the school’s mission, which focuses on mutual respect and trust, as well as academic challenges and support.

It is important for the school to be a community that supports

The student’s spokesperson, Mischa Bountagkidis, remembered his early career aspirations – and thought it was okay if you didn’t know how to proceed just before high school graduation. It is important for the school to be a “supportive community”. Perhaps Manuela Grubešic felt the same when congratulating her school on the anniversary of the song “Silhouettes of Dreams”, which she wrote and sang herself.

“As a student, it’s definitely fun to go to this school,” said Social Director Heiko Faller, bearing in mind a musical support program during the anniversary celebrations that reminded him of the school’s legendary “School on Stage” events.

The music teacher criticizes the educational plans

He touched this sore point as music teacher Oliver Schtzle pointed out that the musicians on stage who warmed up the festival audience not only during but well after the official celebration were almost all teachers or former students, due to these changes in the curriculum more and more it would marginalize musical and artistic objects.

In IBG grades 12 and 13 they learn music together, but the number of those choosing these subjects is declining, explained Schätzle. Schätzle considers this a great detriment, especially for young people who intend to work in the social field, where there is always contact with, for example, art and music therapy. And there is simply a shortage of young people for extracurricular activities such as School on Stage.

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