Top-Life Night Run Gengenbach 2022: Top performance and great fun at the Top-Life Night Run

Last Saturday evening, the Roadrunners Südbaden once again invited to Gengenbach-Schwaibach for the Top-Life Night Run. A warm, dry summer evening, strong performances and, above all, great joy shaped this evening.

154 runners entered the second edition of Top-Life Night Run of the Roadrunners Südbaden. For the first time, the shorter distance of 5 km, with 90 participants, was more popular than the classic 10 km, for which 64 runners had registered. The reason for this was certainly not only the warm summer weather. In addition to OBERLE Night 10K and Zapf Hof Fast 5K, the Sparkasse Kinzigtal 5K Business Run also attracted short-distance runners at the start. With a warm 27 degrees Celsius and light winds, the day’s first starting signal was launched punctually at 6:15 PM.

Odds records at Zapf Hof Fast 5K

A leading quartet quickly formed among the men and set out to attack the current course record. Above all, the favorite Marc Philipp from TV Bühl 1847 soon left no room for doubt. After the quartet first passed its destination village just before the halfway point, Philipp picked up the pace so that none of his competitors could follow him. With two very fast last kilometers, he reached the finish line after 15:34 minutes, 30 seconds below the previous record of the route, to the applause of the spectators. Behind him, after 16:12 minutes, Raffael Schaffrik from SV Waldkirch was driving. Third place went to Raphael Kirn from LG Farbtex Nordschwarzwald in 16:30 minutes. The women’s race was less exciting. Here Natalie Wangler from Roadrunners Südbaden led alone and after 18:28 minutes she also set a new track record. Lena Huber from Running Team Ortenau was second in 19:47 minutes ahead of Lara Freudenreich from LFV Schutterwald at 21:04.

Edeka Südwest, Vitalhaus-Team and Roadrunners Südbaden are the fastest teams of three

Sparkasse Kinzigtal 5K Business Run had slightly more starters than Zapf Hof Fast 5K. The most exciting thing here was in the mixed classification, where Monika Fecht, Sönke Wolff and Susanne Tewes from Edeka Südwest secured the win. Florian Ketterer, Daniela Männle and Vitali Graz from heimatec took second place, just ahead of Sparkasse Kinzigtal with Moritz, Felix and Maya Lebek, who are on average under ten years old and who were able to prove their running talent early on. The fastest team of the day were Stefan Janßen, Tino Bau and Alfred Spieker from Vitalhaus with a total time of 1:00:42 hours. Lukas Bruder, Marius Oschwald and Christoph Lehmann from Friedrich Streb and Gülhan Ates, Florian Haberer and Juan Manana from Braun Möbel Center Offenburg took second and third places in the men’s classification. As with the men, the trio Friedrich Streb from Beatrix Bruder, Marisa Egg and Julia Riede also took second place with the women. The fastest were Celine Schengel, Bärbel Brucker and Ulrike Müller from Roadrunners Südbaden.

An exciting three-way battle for victory in OBERLE Night 10K

While the shorter distance finishers were already able to freshen up in the target village and strengthen themselves with something solid, the start of OBERLE Night 10K at 7:30 PM was getting closer. 64 runners were sent to the track after the countdown was complete, not much cooler but with a slightly refreshing breeze in the face for the long stretch home that had to be completed four times. A trio quickly formed on the front – in two senses of the word. Because with the very fast first kilometer, no one could follow Sebastian Karl from the Augenoptik Kreuzpeintner Lahr team, Florian Adami from TV Riegel and Balthasar Larisc from SV Waldkirch. Thus, the three fastest in the previous year found themselves directly among themselves again and should again make up for the victory among themselves. With a great fighter heart and visible full commitment, Larisch was able to run to victory in 33:12 minutes ahead of Adami, who only needed four seconds more. In the last phase, Karl lost touch with the two and finished third after 33:41 minutes. Thus, the three fastest cyclists of the last year were back on the podium in reverse order.

Freudenreich, Brucker and Janßen were the fastest women over ten kilometers

Like the Zapf Hof Fast 5K, Meike Freudenreich, the favorite of Roadrunners Südbaden, also started the race and quickly ran alone at the top. Despite the heat and wind, and therefore a lightning-fast route, and not entirely perfect time conditions, Freudenreich achieved her second best time of the year at 10 km in 38:07 minutes. With former German marathon runner-up Isabel Leibfried, only one runner on the Schwaibacher route ran faster than the woman from Schutterwald. Annika Brucker presented herself strongly again, who managed to gradually increase the distance to the third place. She ended her double home victory behind her teammate after 39:35 minutes. Ellen Janßen from the Vitalhaus team was still faster than the winner of last year’s Night Run. She stopped the watch at 40:06 minutes.

The award ceremony and raffle at the end of an enthusiastic running evening

After the last runner had crossed the finish line and the last rays of sunshine, the long and lively evening of running was far from over. The Roadrunners Südbaden running event is characterized not only by record-breaking distance. After each runner could expect an attractive starter bag, prizes were awarded to the five fastest individual runners and the three fastest teams in each category before Jonas Müller and Patrick Brucker hosted the awards ceremony. Tombola ended the Top-Life Night Run with other valuable prizes before Müller thanked everyone who came and made the evening successful on behalf of Roadrunners Südbaden.

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