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Zell am Ziller and Hotel Theresa have since become a second home for TVB Stuttgart. For the fourth time in a row, the premier league handball club in Zillertal (Austria) has spent a week laying the foundations for the coming season. The temperatures were tropical and it was hot not only during the training sessions.

Just like last year, at the end of the camp week there was a test match against the Austrian first league club Sparkasse Schwaz Handball Tirol. By the way, in training shirts, because the shirts – with a new outfit – were not ready in time. After a vigorous and focused start and a 12: 7 lead after 17th minute, TVB made more mistakes and Schwaz shortened the distance to 14:17 until the break.

Slap to the face: Heinevetter must leave the court

Surprisingly, the Austrians kept the game open in the second half of the match, they did not have the opportunity 28:37 last year. At 17:17, Schwaz equalized for the first time, sensed his chance against the favorites – and went to work with great commitment. A bit too much here and there.

At least that’s what Silvio Heinevetter thought. The rookie replaced Miljan Vujovic in the second-half goal – and was already on top of his second action: Heinevetter had to leave the field after a slap in the face and never returned. He couldn’t see clearly for several minutes. The game ended for Sascha Pfattheicher a little later. The right winger suffered a knee contusion in a foul. Ultimately, TVB won 29:28.

Thus, TVB survived the first – in the literal sense of the word – the first stress test unscathed. Especially since everything was clear to “Heine” and “Pfatti” after the game. And of course, there were also some observations, which, however, after a few training sessions are only conditionally relevant.

The team will consist of 17 men

What is certain, however, is that the TVB line-up is quantitatively better than last season. The team from Stuttgart went to the Zillertal with three goalkeepers and 18 field players. In addition to new players Silvio Heinevetter, Oscar Bergendahl, Jan Forstbauer, Jorge Serrano, Daniel Fernandez and Ivan Sliskovic, there were also younger players Fabian Bauer, Fabian Lucas, Maurice Wiedmaier, Yannick Wissmann and Nico Bacani. There have not been two junior representatives Nico Schöttle and Andri Mar Rúnarsson given a week of special leave after the UEFA European Under-20 Championship.

The squad for the new season will consist of 17 men – plus Luca Mauch, who is part of the extended squad. Two Spaniards (Fernandez and Serrano), two Swedes (Lönn and Bergendahl), Croats (Sliskovic), Slovenes (Vujovic), Swiss (Röthlisberger), Hungarian (Hanusz), Icelanders (Rúnarsson). one TVB never had a band. Now the motley crew must become a team as soon as possible.

“We have six new players plus Nico Schöttle, who is basically also new,” says TVB coach Roi Sánchez. “I am very pleased with the transfers, mentality and composition.” There is more competition in the team now, which makes them better and healthier. If TVB wants to move forward, it has to improve a little in every position. “And if a competitor has competition in his position, we can do it faster.” Competition makes everyone better. “You’re afraid you will lose your status.”

However, the trainer is a bit concerned about communication which is an important key to success. “We have a problem with understanding.” Not all players speak enough English, some don’t speak German at all. “Some people understand a lot but hardly speak.” The question is, how should communication work during break or downtime when there is little time for long conversations. “Everyone on the team has to take on the task now, we have to regulate who does what, in what situation and with whom he talks with clear actions.”

A new yoga unit in the program

Athletic units, strength-stabilization and endurance exercises were an important part of the training camp. “We will be working on speed and power in the coming weeks,” says TVB athletics coach Steffen Hepperle. The sessions were held at Crossfit Zillertal or at the training room in Zell which is within walking distance. The hall in Mayrhofen, ten minutes away by car, was accessible to handball units. The early morning yoga unit at 7:30 am on the front lawn of the hotel was new to the program. “One-sided handball training often causes muscle imbalance,” says Hepperle. “We are trying to balance them.” The yoga unit was perceived differently by the players. “Some people found it very interesting and they like to do it, others don’t really know what to do with it. It depends on the type. ” Ultimately, it’s about creating quotes.

Players should also get to know each other better outside of the training rooms – and have fun together. For example, so-called integration activities should contribute to this. TVB coaches organized a beach volleyball and basketball tournament on a small pitch. Or a triathlon that posed a special challenge: the riders cycled almost 21 kilometers to the Durlassboden reservoir, where they swam 100 meters. After all, it was two kilometers uphill to Rössl-Alm in running shoes. One had more problems, the other less – also with orientation. Max Häfner did the best, sooner or later everyone came to Rössl Alm. After a well-deserved shower, but at the latest after the brilliant show of “Susal, the party witch” and the traditional singing of new players during the sponsorship evening, the hardships were forgotten again.

The players went home on Monday. The first tournament is scheduled for the weekend with the Sparkasse Cup in Altensteig. Eulen Ludwigshafen, HBW Balingen-Weilstetten, HSG Nordhorn-Lingen and Rhein-Neckar Löwen are also present in the Black Forest.

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