Wasserburg Anholt: How a concert in a park became a polonaise

As part of the “Fig’s Trumpet and Violin” series, Walking Blues Prophets delighted 80 guests in the baroque gardens of Anholt Castle.

A musical attraction of a special kind, combined with a walk through the baroque gardens of the extensive Wasserburg Anholt park – this was experienced on Sunday afternoon by 80 enthusiastic participants of the “Fig Trumpet and Violin” event.

The musicians of the Walking Blues Prophets band not only took the audience into the world of blues, but also walked with the visitors in the water castle park and presented their music in six different places, relaxed and passionate.

He brought songs from the deepest Louisiana

In the shadow of the mighty oak, the participants waited for the first optimism of the musicians, who entered the park with an optimistic song and received a spontaneous applause. “We have brought a few songs from the deepest Louisiana and we will play them all over the place,” announced Roland Lechtenberg (guitar and vocals).

Together with his bandmates Wolfgang Proppe (accordion), Stephan Schulze (tuba), Jochen Welle (drums) and Manfred Wex (1929 saxophone), they presented an extravagant concert with equally extravagant instruments. The way their music was interpreted literally attracted the audience, they joined the music and they were fascinated by the rhythmic sounds of the band.

Fantastic background of blooming gardens

Selected shaded areas in the open spaces of the park also guaranteed fantastic views of the background of the water castle and blooming gardens for musical enjoyment. “It looks like a kind of polonaise is developing,” he commented on the musical journey to the next Lechtenberg station and accompanied it with the appropriate song. Classical music from the New Orleans area, mixed with great solo parts by saxophonist Manfred Wex and native Stephan Schulze, as well as the catchy melody of “Down by the Riverside” met with the appropriate applause of the stage.

In addition to the thrilling journey through the world of jazz, soul and blues, visitors enjoyed a variety of different gardens, a rich collection of trees and plants, a baroque garden, an island, a maze, a lush, vast meadow and in the center: a majestic castle on the water!

Wasserburg Anholt inspired to play a play by Frank Sinatra

At the last station on Hoff’schen Dyck, the musicians said their last glance at the rose garden. “The great view of the castle on the water made me think how well we can play,” said Lechtenberg. “It’s a wonderful world” by Frank Sinatra.

The participant from Münster described the musical tour as “a very successful afternoon with these temperatures and good music”. Team leader Lechtenberg was also very pleased: “The event was really great, it was a nice tour, excellent acoustics under the green roofs of the park, a great audience participated well and was enthusiastic.”

The Borken, Coesfeld, Steinfurt and Warendorf districts are the organizers of the series of concerts Trąbka i Skrzybin Feige. The organization was taken over by the culture department of the district administration of Borken together with the association Münsterland.

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