Water poisoning experts – hospitalized for three liters of drinking water

Because three liters of drinking water in the hospital

It is said that lightweight athletes are more likely to be affected by the disease.  Especially if you are taking painkillers.

How Much Drinking Is Too Much?

How much water does a person need per day?

Water requirements vary greatly from person to person.

What happens to the body when you drink too much water?

What promotes water poisoning?

Why is water poisoning a common occurrence in marathons?

Anyone weighing more at the finish than at the start of the race overestimated their fluid requirements.

Which athletes are most affected?

What should athletes pay attention to?

What do rescuers need to know?

To determine your post-workout fluid requirements, your balance needs to be very accurate.

What is the right amount to drink in the heat?

What else should athletes pay attention to?

This amount is too much.  A pinch is enough to compensate for the salt loss through sweating.

What is salt for?

Older people often experience little thirst because of their age. How do you know if you’ve had enough?

Are there any medications that (old) people should stop or take when the weather is very hot?

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