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Astara has signed an agreement with its joint venture partners to take over ISUZU’s trading activities in Germany and Austria (D-MAX and N-Series), the Czech Republic and Slovakia (D-MAX). ISUZU Sales Deutschland GmbH, which is responsible for sales in four countries, will become part of Astara Western Europe, which already manages ISUZU’s sales activities in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg (D-MAX and N series) and Poland (D-MAX) operating. The agreement has yet to be approved by the European competition authorities.

The company for further development

Astara Western Europe (a subsidiary of Astara) and ISUZU Motors began their cooperation in 2004, when both companies produced the N-series pick-up and light truck in the Benelux countries, and the D-MAX later also appeared in Poland.

Since the beginning of cooperation, over 20,000 ISUZU vehicles have been registered in these markets. Today, successful cooperation has resulted in an agreement that unites all countries in one organization. Astara and its partners are committed to the success of this new joint venture. The transaction has yet to be approved by EU competition authorities and is expected to close in the coming months.

Following the creation of the new structure, Astara will seek new synergies and economies of scale to expand ISUZU’s operations with D-MAX in the eight countries mentioned above and with the N series in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and Austria.

Two new countries for Astara: the Czech Republic and Slovakia

This expansion and new collaboration are very important to Astara as the company is increasing its presence in Germany and Austria. The Astara network is also being extended to the Czech Republic and Slovakia and now covers a total of 19 countries in Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Jorge Navea, Astara’s CEO, is particularly pleased with the new joint venture:

“We are very pleased that Astara has signed a new agreement with our partners, which strengthens our long-term cooperation. Strengthening our presence in Germany and Austria and expanding our portfolio to the Czech Republic and Slovakia will undoubtedly increase the scope of our activity with Growth support from local teams. With our extensive experience in digital transformation and the new mobility ecosystem, we are fully committed to the long-term development of our brand and dealer network. We will continue to develop and offer our customers the highest quality standards to meet their expectations. ”

About Astara

Established in 1979, Astara is now one of the largest automotive and service groups in the world, with a presence on three continents and in 17 countries, selling over 230,000 vehicles annually and forecasting annual sales of € 5.5 billion in 2022. Astara is present in Spain, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Peru and the Philippines and represents 30 car brands. Asstara offers a distribution and mobility ecosystem that covers all the markets in which the group operates, including all the ownership, subscription, consumption and connectivity options provided by the latest technology.

Astara Western Europe currently has ISUZU trading operations in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Poland with its joint venture partner ISUZU Motors Limited and Mitsubishi Corporation.

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