Games, fun and action at Inntal School

The Inntal Trachtlers danced diligently under the watchful eye of Brigitte Greßlinger-Stadler (middle back).

It was an exciting, interesting, fun and informative day of clubs at the school fair at Inntal Primary and Middle School, which was a great success. Rector Robert Rogner opened the day at school and invited all the kids to visit the participating clubs at their stations and have fun. It’s great what is required, said Rogner and thanked leading teachers Andrea Köhler, Christina Schmitt, Korbinian Hook and Annette Aigner who, along with their parents’ advice led by Markus Danninger and Sabine Zierer, were responsible for the successful implementation of the Clubs Day.

He wished his “mice”, as Rogner likes to call schoolchildren, a great day and that one or the other could find a new hobby with what it had to offer.

Bund Naturschutz, Unterer Inn Fishing Club, Rabbit Breeding Club, Inntaler Traditional Clothing Club, THW and Simbach Police, as well as Volunteer Fire Department, Aviation Club, Scouts, TSV, Judo and Tennis Departments and a Boogie Forge from Kirchdorf.

The clubs presented themselves in the school yard, in the neighborhood and in classrooms. The children of Siegfried Berg and Alfred Schmid learned many interesting things from the fishermen about the local fish and waters, and about the necessary helpers for fishing. Josef Schlehaider used the photographic material to get the children into the air and related the “air squadron” at Kirchdorf Airport, including microlight, motor gliders and tourist planes.

The Folk Costume Association “Inntaler” with Wolfgang Tappert and Brigitte Greßlinger-Stadler invited them to music and dance and quickly taught boys and girls a few steps, which then went to the dance floor with folk music and dancing. The boogie forge started with a step of change, and at Bund Naturschutz it was a matter of recognizing things and animals in nature from Marianne Watzenberger and solving puzzles with them.

The rabbits at the Rabbit Breeders Club enjoyed lots of stroking, and TSV board member Michael Killermann brought logos from every division of the sports club, such as soccer, badminton racket and tennis ball. Tennis could also be actively played, and in the judo department, Thomas Dorner offered a tasting session or showed older players what to look for and what tricks to use when attacked.

The police focused on the safety of cycling, and not only the vehicles were checked by the fire brigade and the THW. The children had a great time spraying the target, and the rescue spreader took a lot of practice to transport plastic cups filled with water. The fire department clearly showed how the “blind spot” behaves and in THW you can safely pack or pull up young and old. The scouts, attracted by the smell of popcorn, played great arcade games with them and set up the yurt tent.

The parents’ council provided culinary refreshment for children and adults, and many occasions could be concluded at the flea market and in the book box. Rector Rogner thanked all parents for donating cakes and salads, as well as his friends and everyone who contributed to this extraordinary day at school. – hmm

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