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Our author has been living without sugar for a year – and now he has extended his experiment to life. Because without sugar, everything changed for him not only physically but also in his environment.

The year is over, a new one has begun. And while many people have found new resolutions, in particular, to exercise more, eat healthier, lose ten pounds, I will just keep going. I am renewing my resolution from last year. But not only for the next year, but for life. Being sugar free has convinced me completely.

As a reminder: A little over twelve months ago, i.e. after Christmas 2020, I was sitting at the table with a friend. Hanna and I enjoyed our vacation with our families but the faxes from sitting and eating were a bit dense. “Don’t go any further,” said Hanna. I agreed with her: “We have to change weapons.” And then we swallowed the last chocolate chip, found the villain in sugar, and promised to live a year without him.

Intensified taste

It was about table sugar, which is sugar that is added to products to make them sweeter and to make us eat them again. It was not about fructose or lactose, often referred to as “natural sugars”. After a cold turkey for the first ten days a month later, I had a pleasant warmth to realize that you can do without it. And after a quarter of an hour: it’s even better.

The usual noon lows didn’t materialize, it felt like the body could better distribute the available energy during the day, and it didn’t need a noon sugar rush to experience the evening. The taste has changed: Suddenly, you could even enjoy oatmeal with milk, decorated with a little fruit is an absolute treat. The carrots and the like tasted more intense, even the sugar-free cake that my friends often talked about that the neighbor made for her and for me (and everyone else) tasted good, even if you got a little used to it.

Atopic dermatitis has improved

On top of that, there is skin that has improved noticeably. I have been suffering from neurodermatitis since I was a child, sometimes more severe, sometimes less. I’ve had it on my hands especially for years: annoying and ugly. For the past eight months, every baby has been envious of my smooth skin. Maybe a bit too much, but: The skin is amazing, like a newborn baby. Of course, the neurodermatitis has not gone and gone, but I have it much better under control than ever before. If you don’t believe me, ask Fudder editor Anika Maldacker, who knows me for bad wounds on her hand, but recently had to rub her eyes four times when I showed her baby feet.

Easter was scary, as well-meaning but unimaginative people bombarded my children with sweets, sugar-laden foods that adults in good health would never eat in such quantity, but willingly give away (such behavior does not make sense and should not) definitely for consideration by the overweight community). Adults also like to do it at children’s birthdays, on St. Nicholas’ Day, in a bakery or in a pharmacy – always sugar in various forms, as if there was no alternative.

More than 30 days of weaning

It’s been nice to see how you are changing your environment by giving up sugar – and how it is changing for you. Then, as I mentioned, the neighbor suddenly makes a sugar-free cake, then my sister suddenly conjures up sugar-free breakfast spreads on the bread, and then my mother tries sugar-free cookies (dry, but loving in the finish). And you yourself become a role model for others – unless you are too missionary as a self-proclaimed fruit sugar apprentice. My kids hardly ever eat Ses at home as my wife and I don’t consume or buy – fruit plates at lunchtime are also well received. And I took many friends on board, at least I made some people think.

Move more, eat healthier, lose five pounds – these resolutions can be wonderfully combined with a sugar-free life. After the first four weeks of weaning, it’s not that hard. And after three months, you’ll never want to go back to your old eating habits.

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