Seniorenresidenz Schliersee: The end of November is probably over

Until mid-August, care was apparently severely deficient in the Schliersee nursing home. This is due to the non-public documents of the Bavarian Medical Service, which are available for research by BR. It includes cases of dramatic weight loss. One resident lost weight so much that he only weighed almost 44 kilograms. In the records, the medical service sometimes found one hundred milliliters of daily drinking.

The report also describes unexplained hematomas and pressure ulcers. Therefore, the residents did not receive medications and infusions prescribed by a doctor. Such allegations can be found in a similar form in many research reports and protocols for the Schliersee nursing home since 2011.

Home before the end

At the beginning of August, the Working Group of the Unions of Nursing Unions in Bavaria (ARGE) exceptionally terminated the supply contract with the operator of the retirement residence Schliersee. This letter is also available for BR. On the 50 pages of the long-term care insurance companies they are working on the past year:

“In summary, it can be said that the facility does not have an action plan that could lead to a lasting improvement in quality. (…) There are still rather risky situations that the facility cannot cope with or which apparently become even more acute. “

It was only after the termination of the nursing fund that the poviat starosty in Miesbach forbade the operation of the Schliersee seniors’ residence on November 30, 2021. At the request of the poviat starosty, the county office wrote that despite almost half the number of inhabitants, there was no improvement. In the press release, the district governor Olaf von Löwis (CSU) is quoted: “Everything has been given to protect the inhabitants, you have to pull the release line.”

Two prosecutors are investigating

In March 2021, the Bayerischer Rundfunk reported on a massive care gap in the Schliersee nursing home that had lasted for years. In particular, the work of the caretaker of the house in the Miesbach poviat office turned out to be questionable. It foreshadowed house checks in advance, allowed for the elimination of complaints or violated the freezing of admission for new residents.

Two prosecutors in Bavaria are currently dealing with the Schliersee nursing home: 17 deaths are concerned, some seniors may have died of starvation and thirst. In addition, investigators deal with various crimes of assaulting 88 residents. A spokeswoman for the Munich II prosecutor’s office told BR that further investigations were ongoing and that there were currently no signs of an end. According to reports, BR was also involved in the “Bavarian Central Office for Combating Fraud and Corruption in the Healthcare System” (ZKG). Suspicion is a billing fraud.

“Culture of looking the other way”

The Greens, the SPD and the FDP welcome the closure of the facility, but at the same time criticize the responsible Miesbach district office: according to the spokesman for the care policy of three opposition parties, the ban was long overdue. Ruth Waldmann (SPD) asked District Governor Olaf von Löwis (CSU) to explain why a business ban is now suddenly possible, even though he had previously denied it. Dominik Spitzer (FDP) points out that there is overwhelming evidence, not least from yesterday, that residents have been neglected and exposed to poor care for years.

“One can get the impression that the supervisory authority was formally in existence, but did not fulfill its duties properly. There cannot be a culture of looking the other way and irresponsible in this sensitive area. “

Andreas Krahl (Greens) sharply criticizes the fact that the report on the retirement residence in Schliersee, promised a few months ago by the Ministry of Health, is still not available. He has the impression that the ministry is obviously trying to play on time and distract from the failures of the authorities.

Nursing politicians criticize deficits and call for reform

For the liberal Dominic Spitzer, the main problem is the care control authorities: Currently, only a quarter of the workforce in ‘Specialist care and facilities for people with disabilities – quality development and supervision’ (FQA) in Bavaria comes from the care sector. “Too often, administrative staff only pay attention to the documentation, that is, the paper, and not the people you really should be focusing on.” Spitzer calls for monitoring that will enable a realistic assessment of the security of supply in Bavarian nursing homes.

Peter Bauer (Freie Wahler) believes that the control of homes in the Free State is sound. A Bavarian patient and nurse would like to strengthen home surveillance with more staff. In addition, it calls for ombudsmen who can be contacted by nursing staff, residents or relatives who are reluctant to include home surveillance.

Health committee chairman Bernhard Seidenath (CSU) writes at the request that a business ban is the sharpest sword and the last resort. However, this should be done if the protection of the residents can no longer be guaranteed. The competent authorities would certainly consider this carefully. AfD welfare spokesman Andreas Winhart does not comment on BR’s request.

He left, but it’s not over?

The Nursing Home is operated by SO Nursing Homes GmbH, a subsidiary of the Italian Sereni Orizzonti group. When asked by BR, the carrier wrote that they regretted the development very much. One is with several potential successors in conversation. According to the insiders, it cannot be ruled out that the previous operator will again take over the house, which, according to BR research, also involved abuses at home.

According to the Bavarian Ministry of Health, there are currently 45 residents in the facility. 14 of them have a new site, and another 31 are not yet looked after. According to BR, about ten residents travel to their home in Augsburg. The operator is also here: SO Nursing Homes GmbH. This was confirmed by the house manager when BR asked. The institution bears the costs, it is for the welfare of the residents, according to the director of the house. Before that, he was the manager of a nursing home in Schliersee for many months.

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