The new Aero Cervélo S5 2023 road bike is here!

The new Cervélo S5 from model year 2023 is the successor to one of the fastest aero road bikes available today. The bike, which is also ridden by Tour’s marvelous boy, Wout van Aert, has again saved a few watts. Above all, a lot has happened with the wheels, tire clearance and the comfort of adjusting. Information here.

Cervélo S5 2023 Compact information

The “old” Cervélo S5 frame was fast, very fast, as we found when testing the aero 2022 road bike, even without the aero wheels. Apparently, Cervélo also appreciates the aerodynamics of the frame with its distinctive frame, fork and stem unit, as the shapes of the 2023 Cervélo S5 are hardly different at first glance. What characterizes the latest version of the bike that Wout van Aert, the Tour de France wonder weapon, has ridden the most?

  • More tire clearance up to 34mm (measured) at 700c
  • cockpit more flexible, more comfortable, lighter
  • Aero optimization benefits from the new scope of UCI rules
  • New Reserve Aero wheelset much wider rim and variable height 52/63 mm
  • frame sizes 48, 51, 54, 56, 58
  • Furnishings from the Ultegra Di2 / Force AXS level up
  • Available from now
  • Information

Price £ from 9 699 € | Bicycle market: Buy the Cervélo S5

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The new Cervélo S5 2023
# The new Cervélo S5 2023 – Wout van Aert rode the Canadians’ new aero road bike to the green jersey of the Tour de France. It is now available in four factory versions – from 9,699 euros with Shimano Ultegra Di2 2×12.

What’s new?

More expensive and only electric

First, the bad news: riding the Cervélo S5 will be (even) more expensive. Only electronic circuits fit. It starts at almost 10,000 euros with the Cervélo S5 Ultegra Di2 2 × 12 groupset for 9,699 euros. The frameset costs 5,499 euros.

aero optimization

In the wind tunnel, the new Cervélo S5 is said to have 65 g less air resistance than the old one. Only 50g of this goes to the exciting newly developed road wheelset from Reserve.


New versus old: the old S5 was already strong in terms of aero, the head tube and bottom bracket differences are due to the new UCI regulations (drag the slider with the mouse to compare).

In terms of watts, this means that 5 watts can be attributed to the new aero wheel set alone. More precise information than this number and the resistance in grams could not be obtained shortly before the premiere of Cervélo. Suppose Cervélo measured the same as when switching to the old 2019 model, then the figure is for a bicycle with a rider at 40 km / h. Based on this, it can be calculated that the frameset itself is almost 2 watts faster than its predecessor.

The new bezel set alone accounts for around 2 watts of energy savings.
# The new bezel set alone accounts for around 2 watts of energy savings.

On the frame itself, the Canadians used the scope of the UCI rules, which had changed since the debut of the old S5. You can see it at a second glance on the larger surfaces of the frame in front of and behind the head tube and bottom bracket. However, the first characteristic of the new S5 should be the typical “aerodynamic nose” that now protrudes above the fork.

Spare wheelset and tire clearance

Wider tires are always an advantage in terms of comfort, but especially for a fairly crude aero road bike like the S5. And now tires with a measured width of 34mm, making them wider than most other racing aero bikes.

However, the aerodynamics are optimized for tires that are 28mm wide, more specifically tires that measure 28mm when fitted to the new Cervélo S5 wheelset from Reserve (a home brand that can also be found on other group brands such as Focus and Santa Cruz) . ).

A large part of the performance increase only occurs in conjunction with the new standby rotors
# A large part of the performance increase only occurs in conjunction with the new standby rotors – bring another 5 watts.

Why do you have to say it so precisely? Because Canadians consistently devote themselves to the topic of wide tires. The new Reserve 52/63 Aero wheelset has a 25.4mm internal rim width at the front – wider than most other aero rims and so wide that most road bike tires are wider than their official size would suggest.

The large width of the rims is to ensure optimal air flow with wide tires. At the same time, the 52 mm high front rim profile is designed to be less responsive to turbulence (wind gusts, passing trucks), making driving easier and more energy-efficient.

The rule applies to aero wheels
# The rule applies to aero wheels – The front and rear wheels have their own rim shapes, the front section is optimized for easier handling in turbulence, and the rear for stiffness.

On the other hand, the shape of the rear rim is taller (63 mm) and has a belly slightly further away from the tire. It should have a greater impact on the overall stiffness of the frame / wheel system.

An interesting fact is that Reserve is based on Zipp ZR1 hubs with a front freewheel and 3 teeth. The rims are not hookless but of course tubeless ready.

New cockpit design

Cervélo has put some effort into the iconic S5 cockpit (the front counterpart of the new Trek Madone Isoflow, so to speak) for ease of use and ergonomics. The flat steering wheel is now smoothly adjustable in inclination. In addition, fewer parts are needed to convert to different handlebar heights. Finally, according to Cervélo, the new design saves 53 g in weight.

Equipment: from Ultegra Di2 upwards

When it comes to equipment, the new Cervélo S5 makes no compromises. Only 4 models with 2×12 electronic drivetrain from Shimano and SRAM will enter the market and they are all based on the same frame, use the new Reserve 52/63 wheels and roll on the same 28mm (nominal) Vittoria Corsa TLR tires.

The new Cervélo S5 is available in four variants with SRAM or Shimano electronic gears
# The new Cervélo S5 is available in four variants with SRAM or Shimano electronic gears – the frameset and the center pieces are always identical.

If you compare the price and performance with each other (does that still make sense in this category?), Feel free to choose one or the other type of circuit or color according to your preferences. The power meter is always integrated with the SRAM AXS Groups. But since comparable Shimano Di2 gear is around 500 euros cheaper, that shouldn’t play a role.

Unfortunately, Cervélo does not provide weights. Lisa Gramm will tend to use the lighter Shimano Di2 groupset. Models at a glance:

  • Cervelo S5 SRAM Red eTap AXS € 13,499
  • Cervelo S5 Shimano Dura Ace Di2 € 12,999
  • Cervelo S5 SRAM Force eTap AXS € 10 199
  • Cervélo S5 Shimano Ultegra Di2 € 9,699
  • Frame Cervélo S5 € 5,499

Hopefully at some point there will be an S5 with Shimano 105 Di2 2 × 12.

S5 in SRAM Red eTap AXS in Sapphire and Ice
# S5 in SRAM Red eTap AXS in Sapphire and Ice – € 13,499, power meter included.

S5 with SRAM Force eTap AXS in Five Black
# S5 with SRAM Force eTap AXS in Five Black – € 10,199 – the color is also available on the Ultegra Di2 model.
S5 with Ultegra Di2
# S5 with Ultegra Di2 – basic model for 9,699 euros.

S5 with Shimano Dura Ace Di2
# S5 with Shimano Dura Ace Di2 – 12,999 euros – and probably the lightest model.


  • bottom bracket design BBright
  • control tube 1-3 / 8 “at the bottom and 1-1 / 8” at the top
  • brake mount flat handle
  • Compatibility with driveline / gearbox 1x / 2x, electronic gear only, removable front derailleur bracket
  • seatpost proprietary, 0mm and 15mm retraction available

The frame set is available in an additional color
# The frame set is available in an additional color – costs 5,499 euros.

Only suitable for electronic circuits.
# Only suitable for electronic circuits.
Cockpit assembly has become more user-friendly.
# Cockpit assembly has become more user-friendly.

Geometry: same as Cervélo S5 2022

Nothing has changed in the geometry of the Cervélo S5 2023 compared to the previous model (the steerer tube has different dimensions due to the new fork design, but this has no effect). So you can be sure that the very compact base of the frame offers the same direct, agile handling and ultra-precise steering that we learned to appreciate in testing the previous model.

All the key data to compare with other road bikes can also be found here in our Geometry tool:

frame size






wheel size

28 ″ / 700C

28 ″ / 700C

28 ″ / 700C

28 ″ / 700C

28 ″ / 700C







book shelves












turning angle

71 °

72 °

73 °

73.5 degrees

73.5 degrees

seat angle, real

73 °

73 °

73 °

73 °

73 °

upper tube (pos.)






control tube






height of overrun

707.5 mm

















bottom bracket drop

72.5 mm

72.5 mm



67.5 mm

fork offset






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The very flat sitting position, typical of a racing bike, is also characteristic. We’ve got some good news on adjusting your bike to its most efficient riding position – and anyone who rides at high speeds knows how important that is.

  • Seatpost with a new recessed backrest The proprietary carbon seatpost is now available with a 15mm offset (instead of 25mm) and still with zero retraction. The new seatpost has the same cross-section as the old seatpost, so you can still ride your existing seatposts with a 25mm offset.
  • The steering wheel is infinitely adjustable at an angle The steering wheel can be smoothly adjusted from 0 to 5 degrees. A screw fastening is sufficient for this. Previously, it was necessary to put various angular spacers underneath – this is no longer necessary.
  • New shape of the steering wheel The carbon steering wheel – one of the flattest we know – has also received a new curve shape. This should ensure a very smooth transition from the steering wheel to the paddles.

If you want to go fast you have to sit low.
# If you want to go fast you have to sit low.

What do you think of the new Cervélo S5 2023 and what do you think Marianne Vos can do on the same bike in the Tour de France Femmes?

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Text: Jan Gathmann / Photos: Cervélo

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