Is the goddess of pop playing “the greatest concert in German history”?

Paweł Verhoben | 27/07/2022, 20:14

Helene Fischer

IMAGO / osnapix

The pop goddess Helene Fischer is very pleased with the successful return to the stage in “The Great Hit Comeback.” Now it is facing another great milestone. Your organizer refers to the upcoming show as “the greatest concert in German history”. Why this can’t be true.

The translator of “Breathless” gave birth to her first child a few months ago. After giving birth, Helene understandably retired to her private life to enjoy the early days of a small family. The musician celebrated his brilliant comeback last Saturday. With a top silhouette.

In the concert of her ex-partner Florian Silbereisen, she performed some old hits and new songs, thereby delighting the audience.

On Instagram, Helene then thanked her fans. “And how we danced! It was so good for you to be on stage! Thank you for this weekend surge of happiness, ”she wrote under the video showing her rehearsals.

Check out this Instagram post shared by Helene Fischer (@helenefischer)

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