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Business administration, economics, law or teaching – there are many courses in which prospective students hear over and over again, “Oh, so many do.” Of course, these are very popular courses, but there are also some that are not well known. . If you are looking for something unique to learn outside of the well-known courses, here are some very unusual courses.

A challenge that everyone faces at some point: school is over, but what happens then? Education? Social volunteering or studies? Anything is possible, but the choice is now huge, especially when it comes to study programs. There are some that are taught in a great many universities and colleges, but there are a few courses that are so unique that hardly anyone knows them – which is a goddamn shame. After all, there are some really unique courses out there. From Byzantine to paper technology, all for the price!

Amazing courses at a glance

Arborist Course

In times of urbanization etc. nature is more important than ever. How many green areas are there in the city or how many should there be? Which trees are particularly suitable for parks and which plants should be avoided? What kind of garden tools do you need? You deal with these questions in college, you also deal with biology and botany. In the Arboriculture course, you will deal with the successful interaction of man with nature, and after graduation, you will help keep your lungs green in urban areas.

You can study arboriculture here: University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK) in Göttingen

Form of studies: full-time

Number of semesters: 6

Degree of Byzantine Sciences

Studying history gives you an excellent overview of our past. But what about those who want to limit themselves to a very special time and era? For example, the Byzantine course is exciting for them! Because when it comes to historical courses, there is now a lot to choose from. Byzantine studies deal with various aspects (culture, science, politics, society, etc.) of the Byzantine Empire (330-1453). What influence did the reign of Constantine the Great have on subsequent epochs, and what did the founding of Constantinople mean for history?

You can study Byzantine studies here: Free University of Berlin, University of Vienna

Form of studies: full-time

Number of semesters: 6

Whether it’s learning or training, we all start our professional lives at some point. However, this is only possible with a good application! We will show you how to do this in the video.

A degree in game design

Yes, now it’s getting creative! World of Warcraft, Sims and Co. – all well-known PC games and other devices would not exist today if we did not have a few creative minds to invent them and eventually program them! In this course, you will learn not only about media technology, but also how you can actually implement your own ideas. Game development, level design, but also graphics are an elementary part of your studies. But once you get through it, you’ll be able to program tomorrow’s new games for your target audience after graduation!

You can study game design here: Media Academy University of Stuttgart, University of Darmstadt, University of Economics and Technology Berlin

Form of studies: Full time, part time

Number of semesters: 6-7 semesters

Diploma in Gerontology

We all get old, it’s part of life. But with people’s ever increasing life expectancy, more and more problems arise! What will the care look like in several dozen years? Are there ways to improve this and make it more attractive to employees? Where is medicine in many years and how has “aging” developed in general over the past centuries? This is all part of your gerontology studies. After graduation, you can not only work in nursing homes and hospital administration, but also find a good job in politics or in social clinics.

You can study gerontology here: University of Cologne, University of Vechta

Form of studies: Full-time, distance and dual studies

Number of semesters: 6-8 semesters

A degree in criminology

Now it’s getting really exciting! When you study criminology, you deal with criminal offenses. Be it murders, robberies, acts of violence, etc. It’s also about the background, so psychology is a big part of the course. Statistics also play an important role in this course. Of course, legal aspects also play an important role. What crime is punishable by what penalty? If you have studied criminology and graduated from college, you can find a good job not only in the police, but also in the field of justice or sociology.

Danger: However, you can only study this course in Germany as a Master’s degree. As criminology is considered a specialized course for which you must first complete a bachelor’s degree in another subject. It would be a perfect fit for psychology or law.

You can study Criminology here: University of Hamburg, University of Regensburg, University of Ruhr in Bochum

Form of studies: Full time, part time

Number of semesters: 4 semesters

Degree in Crystallography

Does this one game mean something to you that allowed you to grow your own crystals as a child? Good news for you: as an adult you can deal with crystals and even professionally. All you need to do is study crystallography. During your studies, you will learn what the crystals are made of, how to grow them and what you can use them for. Because crystals are used in technology, business, medicine, physics, chemistry, and even materials, and are therefore elementary components of a wide variety of processes. The cool thing about this course: working in the lab will be part of your training from the very beginning, so you will have a better understanding of what each crystal is made of.

You can study crystallography here: University of Freiburg, Technical University of Munich

Form of studies: full-time

Number of semesters: 6

Diploma in Cosmetics and Detergent Technology

Is there such a thing? Yes, during your studies you can manufacture and manufacture cosmetics and detergents. Because remember: all these products are subject to strict quality measures, eventually the products end up on the skin. As you look very closely at the manufacturing processes and product components, some courses also take place in laboratories. Chemistry and technology are the core components of this course, as are quality assurance and effectiveness testing.

You can get acquainted with the technology of cosmetics and detergents here: Technical University of East Westphalia-Lippe

Form of studies: full-time

Number of semesters: 6 semesters

Diploma in packaging technology

This is an area that is being researched more thoroughly than ever in times of environmental protection and climate change: food packaging, etc. Plastic, paper or something else? In the Packing Technique course, you will learn how to pack products and goods in a particularly sensible, practical and environmentally friendly way. But it’s not just about groceries in supermarkets. Think about what is actually in the package. From shipping boxes to drugs to technical equipment, everything is included. Your studies will include math, computer science, but also design and building materials.

You can learn about the packaging technology here: University of Media Stuttgart, University of Applied Sciences Munich, University of Applied Sciences Leipzig

Form of studies: Full time, double, part time

Number of semesters: 3-9 semesters

Was there a suitable course for you? Of course, this doesn’t always have to be a very unusual degree, but it does allow you to delve into areas that you might otherwise not even think of. But as is usual with studies and work, it’s not easy to find out what suits you. What job would suit you? You can find out from our quiz.

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