SnackHunter: I’ve never had so much fun shaking my phone wildly

Have you ever been so fascinated by vegetables that you would even hunt them down? Not? It is worth knowing that in SnackHunter you are magicians who grab magic vegetables for soup. But tomatoes, broccoli, and Co. don’t want to be cooked and have a few tricks up their sleeve to get away from hungry magicians. The plot sounds interesting … crazier!

Run, grab a snack!

Basically, you can think of SnackHunter as a Prop Hunt on a mobile device – with just a few twists and turns. The room will open on PC and all other players who need a special free app will be able to join with a code. The actual game then takes place on the smartphone. The card plan view appears on your computer. There is no space for a minimap in the mobile phone.

Mages win by catching each vegetable and putting it into the pot within a time limit set by the number of players. The vegetable gang, on the other hand, has to force the mages to take three pictures of the vegetable where the mages can be seen at a specific time.

This is what it looks like when a vegetable lurks – hidden in its own kind.

To avoid immediate detection, you can hide in one of the many piles of vegetables scattered across the map or in the closet – I say prop hunting. However, you can only take pictures with flash so you will be noticed immediately. In this case, run away and hide again. My friends and I quickly figured out what to do, even without a tutorial.

Eggplant needs a weakening!

If you get caught you don’t necessarily land on the plate as you may “shake” yourself. To do this, you wave your cell phone like crazy until the bar is full. Imagine you want to make a vegetable smoothie. If this demotivates you, think about a delicious smoothie. You have as much time as the magician needs for the pot. Yes my friends, tendinitis is born – but also lots of fun, adrenaline and panic as you approach a boiling cauldron.

Shake Up Your Life! I was laughing so hard each time, stretching my wrists all the way just to not end up in a hot pot.

If you’re in the pool, you can pierce the bubbles to fill the bar and escape again. Even friends can save you with a crane. Wizards really don’t have it easy, but they just want to eat healthy.

It will get darker and darker in the saucepan. It shows how you are already. Once you’re cooked, there’s no escaping it. If you break free sooner, you will stay tanned.

Each vegetable has two special abilities, some of which are more or less suited to that vegetable. For example, an onion can shed its outermost skin, broccoli can separate and confuse mages with their clone. Chili works with fire, while Eggplant can teleport. OKAY?

Unfortunately, not all skills are well-balanced as eggplant teleportation, with proper use, is simply unbeatable. A specific hideout allows her, even if she is spotted, to take a picture and escape using her skills. After all, there is a cooldown that you can take advantage of as a caster.

We have forbidden our buddy to play Eggplant again if we want another round of SnackHunter in the future.

Fun, but still too fun for my taste

The idea of ​​a totally crazy prop hunt with a few improved mechanics is good for some nice rounds. Here and there it can be said that the Polypyrates thought outside the box. You can decide for yourself how many magicians and vegetables to be, and along with shaking the phone you also have a fun interactive element that for me is actually the highlight of SnackHunter.

Chasing broccoli and eggplant is actually every vegetarian’s dream, but after a few matches I slowly lost interest. A little salting should be done here. Single mode on one map – for less than 20 euros. It’s steep, and not just for snacks.

If you’ve always wanted to photograph magicians under time pressure and in fear of death, or if you’ve always wanted to do crafts with cheeky vegetables on an empty stomach, you can download the game on Steam and the app in the appropriate App Store. Even if the 19.99 euro does not seem so small at first glance, you can share it if needed, e.g. with a bowl of snacks. And who knows, maybe there will be new content later.

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