The new Autobattler on Steam only costs € 3 and delights players

The Steam gaming platform offers a huge variety of different games. Some of them are real treasures for a small price. The roguelite autobattler is currently delighting its players for less than 3 euros. But what is this game?

What game is this? The Just King is a roguelite autobattler that is currently on sale for € 2.46 on Steam. But even after the discount campaign has expired, the game is still very affordable at only € 3.29. This is in stark contrast to other games.

There are worlds between Just King and “Ascent Free-Roaming VR Experience”. Ascent is the most expensive game on Steam, which costs 1,000 euros.

“Great game. Amazing value for the price.”

What makes Just King so special? Just King has almost cute retro graphics, and every character has huge bulging eyes.

In addition, there is a very simple control that can be learned quickly. You control the characters played with the WASD keys and the mouse, and the battles take place without any special actions on the part of the player.

What are players saying about Just King? Just King gets a lot of positive words from players in Steam reviews. Many of them emphasize how much fun they have with such a cheap title. We at MeinMMO show you a small selection:

  • Birdovic via Steam: “The game has been around for 2 days now and after 30 hours of life enjoying the gameplay, I can recommend it. […] Absolute recommendation: the best EUR 2.50 I’ve spent in years. “
  • Paleclaw on Steam: “Great game. Amazing value for the price. “
  • MudeJoe via Steam: “Such a low price for so much fun. […] The gameplay is relaxed but not boring and you can spend several hours playing it, at least much more than you would expect for 3 euros.
  • DrWalt via Steam: “This game is amazing, great class system, great team building, great upgrade structure. […] We recommend 100%. “
  • Hulk via Steam: “Really fun game and worth € 3. It’s cheaper than coffee – so get this game!
  • Gamax999 via Steam: “The most fun […] The Autobattler I have played in so far. The art style looks cool and I like the gameplay. Definitely worth the price. “

Other cheap games on Steam also offer a relatively large amount of content for a very reasonable price. For example, Battle of the Bulge is an 8 euro shooter that offers campaign, co-op and multiplayer.

The King and His Followers in Just King

Battle on the waves with berserkers and bards

How does a round in Just King work? In Just King, you play as the king and his followers. If the king dies, it’s game over. To prevent this from happening, you can have up to four heroes fighting by his side. You choose it from among 17 different fighters.

You can combine the heroes in any way you want and create synergies that will help you fight against waves of enemies.

You can choose from characters such as goblins, paladins or berserkers. But bard can also be played and amplified your group with its beautiful sounds – which can upset you quickly when needed.

Only kings, heroes and items
This is what heroes, items, and maps look like in the Just King menu:

How are Just King maps structured? The three maps in Just King have different paths that you can follow with your king and his followers. You fight normal opponents, find treasures and fight elite battles. What’s more, a boss fight awaits you at the end of each map.

What other options does Just King offer? In Just King, you can unlock new heroes between battles. You can also use earned coins to buy things like healing powers, damage boosters, and armor.

Likewise, your heroes can level up and learn new skills, making them stronger.

What do you think about Just King? Does the Autobattler sound interesting to you, isn’t the title worth € 3?

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