Warning from ver.di: Lufthansa cancels almost all flights

As of 07/26/2022 12:24 PM

Today, Lufthansa is canceling almost the entire flight program at its German hubs in Frankfurt and Munich. The reason: the trade union ver.di has called on around 20,000 ground workers to strike warning.

Due to a ground staff warning strike, Lufthansa is today canceling almost all flights in Munich and Frankfurt. “We have to cancel almost the entire flight program at the Frankfurt and Munich hubs,” the airline said. The warning strike announced by the trade union ver.di in the wage dispute has a huge impact at the height of the tourist season.

Ver.di justified the warning strike with an inadequate offer from the employer. Workers are said to be off work from 3:45 AM on Wednesday to 6 AM on Thursday. Very different groups of employees are called in, such as front desk staff, aviation technicians or drivers of huge tow tractors that push the planes to their correct positions at the airport. Without these services, the jets cannot take off, as well as without the pilots and cabin crew.

Lufthansa is canceling almost all flights at hubs in Frankfurt and Munich due to warning strikes

Gerrit Rudolph, HR, Daily Topics 21:50, 26 July 2022

He is delayed even a few days later

Lufthansa will then cancel a total of 678 flights at Frankfurt Airport, 32 of which are already canceled today. There were a total of 345 flights on both days at the hub in Munich. Lufthansa’s HR Director Michael Niggemann criticized this approach: “An early escalation after just two days of negotiation as part of a constructive round of collective bargaining is doing enormous damage. This applies in particular to our passengers in the main travel season. The workload on our employees in the already difficult phase of air traffic is very strong. “Individual flight cancellations and delays are still possible on Thursday and Friday.

In addition to the hubs in Frankfurt and Munich, this also applies to Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen, Hanover, Stuttgart and Cologne. The Lufthansa Group usually maintains smaller units there that also offer their services to other airlines. In Bavaria, Friday is the last day of school before summer holidays. Passengers without a change should not come to airports because “little if at all” service desks will be opened there – warns the company.

The shipping chaos is increasing

Lufthansa’s first strike after the Corona shock takes place against the backdrop of a partially chaotic restart in the industry. Staff bottlenecks and the high demand for holidays have already led to severe processing problems this summer without any strikes. Ver.di mainly blames this on mismanagement at airports and airlines.

According to its own information, Lufthansa has offered a two-stage, flat-rate salary increase of a total of 250 euros over an 18-month period, accompanied by a profit-related increase of two percent from next July. With a basic monthly salary of € 3,000, this would mean an increase of nine to eleven percent.

Ver.di negotiator Christine Behle described this example as “nicely calculated”. For the other wage brackets, the increase is only around four percent and thus results in real wage losses for workers, said the Stuttgarter Zeitung and the Stuttgarter Nachrichten. The union demands 9.5 percent more money on the pay tables over a twelve-month period, but at least 350 euros.

Also pilots before the strike?

Last week, the Cockpit pilots union also campaigned for greater increases in pilots’ salaries. He wants to start a vote with around 5,000 pilots from the main Lufthansa company and the freight subsidiary Lufthansa Cargo. This is due to an internal document that is available to the dpa news agency. However, both sides emphasized their willingness to continue the talks.

The reason for the VC’s preparations for the strike is the deadlock after six rounds of negotiations on a new wage contract. According to the letter, Lufthansa has not yet submitted an offer to negotiate. According to its own statements, the VC demands, inter alia, a five percent increase in wages this year and an automatic correction of inflation from next year. The current contract was terminated on June 30.

Lufthansa cancels over 1,000 flights due to the strike

Roman Warszawa, HR, 2022-07-26 12:27

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