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In the last episode of my podcast indubio under The title “Ultimate Victory of the Nuclear” criticized the Greens’ romantic understanding of nature and concluded that nature was not good. Here I would like to go into more detail what I mean by that.

When a person falls ill, he does not rely on nature, but calls on the mind of medicine. When he is wronged, he misses not the rule of nature, but the reason of the law. However, when a man wants to oppress another man, he turns to nature.

Too willingly and often nature is used to justify oppression. Is it “The nature of black”, “Nature Woman” or “The nature of the Jew” it is always about denying a group of people rights in relation to nature.

Nature would have been rid of you long ago

Have you ever had surgery? Do you wear glasses? Have you survived a severe flu? Do you use modern technologies? Then you are here against nature. Nature would have been rid of you long ago.

Many people think that nature is a local recreational area on the outskirts. But forests in Germany are not nature. You are culture. They are managed by the Agency of Forests and Parks. Nature is an unkept forest and a mowed meadow.

Nature is where man is the victim.

There are those who write about nature’s supposed intentions with such certainty that it is almost as if they personally meet Mother Nature for tea every Sunday. When an intention, or even a morality, is assigned to nature, we are dealing with religion, and religion is culture.

Good and bad are categories of reason. Reason tries to scientifically understand nature. But anyone with a reason knows or suspects that morality cannot be found in nature.

Nature has no intention!

Morality has long been a dictate of the gods. It was these gods, it was believed, who created nature for a specific purpose. For believers, nature was the work of an intelligent creator. Nature was understood as a creation.

In this day and age, when faith in God has disappeared in many places, the few who have become religiously homeless are fleeing to the bosom of nature and appointing it to be their god. Just as people once created God in their image, so now they put their opinions in the mouth of nature. For them, nature regulates what is good and what is bad.

Whether one is godly or nature-fearing, those who can claim to be enlightened, who pretend to have a direct line to the top, choose to take the shot. They say they know exactly what God or nature wants. They claim to have heard the truth and claim they know the right path. They are prophets, good people and that’s how they behave.

You don’t need God to do good things. God does not interfere in good works, He only helps them. Evil deeds, however, need a god who is a firm faith in committing shameful deeds for a higher purpose. God’s warriors fight for God, and believers in nature fight for their beloved nature.

But nature is not nice. She’s not bad either. Nature is indifferent and knows no morality. She is. Good and bad are categories of reason. Man has to define them, defend and live by himself. If a man were to condemn everything new because 5,000 years ago it was done differently, he would still be sitting in the cave as a constant victim and would most likely have died before the age of 40.

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