“You’re playing a game that is not fun” – Elias Nerlich is fed up with FIFA 22

Elias “EliasN97” Nerlich is one of the biggest FIFA streamers in Germany. Now he wants to turn away from the game. What happened?

Successful streamer Elias “EliasN97” Nerlich once again faced EA and FIFA.
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Successful German influencer FIFA, Elias “EliasN97” Nerlich, has announced that he wants to retire from FIFA 22. On his YouTube channel, he heavily criticized EA Sports and announced his withdrawal from the game. He wanted to focus on other games – but backed off a bit after his announcement.

Nerlich emphasized that he had not played FIFA in several months and in his 37-minute video, he made a genuine inciting speech against EA SPORTS and the development of the game. “EA is not really listening to the community,” says the former esports player.

“The topic of esports is the most disrespectful of all”

In particular, the co-owner of FOKUS CLAN criticized EA’s approach to the professional FIFA scene: “The topic of esports is the most disrespectful of all. What they’re doing there is just wrong. ” Here he raises a topic that has long been a problem for Nerlich and his colleagues.

On the one hand, Nerlich complained about the price that EA SPORTS made available for eSport, which he considered too low. On the other hand, the developer has to re-allow tournaments to take place offline. Since the Corona pandemic, there have been no local contests organized by EA.

BERLIN, GERMANY - AUGUST 28: Female High Government Official in charge of Family Affairs Dr.  Franziska Giffey plays Fif with e-athlete Elias Nerlich during the Hertha BSC eSport Academy inspection on August 28, 2019 in Berlin, Germany.  (Photo: Florian Pohl / City-Press via Getty Images)

In the duel with Franziska, Giffey Nerlich clearly enjoyed FIFA in 2019.
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The content creator compares his highly successful Eligella XMAS Cup to the events of EA: “My team managed to organize a tournament that the billion dollar corporation has not organized in two or three years.”

The fact that the streamer is organizing something that the big publisher EA is not currently doing is a big problem for the esports scene. But that should be over for now – the next Eligella Cups “are not currently planned for FIFA 22 anymore,” EliasN97 management said at the request of the German news agency.

“They did the same for three years”

In his criticism, he focused not only on EA’s lack of organization, but also on various aspects of the game itself. A particularly painful point is the apparent stagnation of the Weekend League, one of the biggest modes in FUT: “They did the same thing for three years, even though they knew many were complaining about the rewards.”

The mode has been simplified for FIFA 22 and according to Nerlich, along with the unsatisfactory rewards, it is no longer motivating. In fact, it’s increasingly seen that the Weekend League is putting some hardcore players off rather than keeping them on the ball.

Frustration and complaints about gameplay are commonplace in the FIFA community. Again, Nerlich does not hold back, although he admits that “the game was good”. But as is so often the case among professionals, it also regrets the changes introduced by the fixes that reportedly made the game “slow and sluggish”.

Here’s how the great FIFA streamer comes to his verdict: “You are currently playing a game that is not fun, has no good rewards, and has no goal to work on.” That’s why I don’t want to stream FIFA anymore – at least FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

In the comments on YouTube, he paddled lightly and announced, “A career is coming and maybe a little SBB, but otherwise not FUT.” While Nerlich has had great success with other YouTube and Twitch games, he still can’t tear himself away from FIFA.

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