After Lufthansa’s warning strike: the situation at Frankfurt airport returns to normal

Almost 100,000 travelers were affected by the Lufthansa warning strike at Frankfurt Airport. Operations returned to normal by early Thursday morning. There are only a few appeals.

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Operations at Frankfurt Airport are operational again

Frankfurt airport

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After a warning strike by Lufthansa’s ground staff, which resulted in hundreds of canceled flights, Frankfurt airport was re-occupied on Thursday morning. There were queues of travelers in front of the check-in counters. There were only a few cancellations for arrivals and departures Departures.

The warning strike of Lufthansa’s ground staff officially ended on Thursday at 6am, but the Verdi union has already announced that it no longer wants active mobilization in the early hours of the morning. Therefore, Lufthansa wanted the first wave of the flight to be in the air in the morning with as few cancellations as possible.

It affects nearly 100,000 passengers

The day before, it had looked completely different. According to the spokesman of Fraport operator, 725 out of 1,160 planned connections at the largest airport in Germany were canceled on Wednesday. This also applied to flights from other companies that are usually looked after by Lufthansa ground staff.

Almost 100,000 travelers were affected by a one-day warning strike in Frankfurt. According to a spokeswoman for Lufthansa, customers were offered different solutions depending on the purpose of the trip. For this task, additional staff were planned, which remained to be controlled. However, the available capacities are very limited.

Days of waiting for flights

Long lines formed at the airport on Wednesday, mostly foreign travelers stranded in Frankfurt. Due to the most frequently booked flights, it will be very difficult to find alternative travel options in the coming days. In individual cases, guests may wait several days for a onward flight, a spokesman said.

Effects until the weekend

Lufthansa expects further effects in the coming days. “With the upcoming weekend, the beginning of holidays in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, Lufthansa is working hard to normalize flight operations as quickly as possible.”

Nevertheless, there could be individual flight cancellations and delays on Thursday and Friday, the airline said.

Right to a refund?

Whether passengers on canceled flights are entitled to a refund or compensation should be checked on a case-by-case basis, said managing director of the public transport arbitration committee (SÖP), Sabine Cofalla. It depends on whether the ground staff is employed by Lufthansa itself or not. Therefore, it is important for travelers to document all details of their flight.

Verdi is counting on a quick result

Verdi and Lufthansa accused each other of being responsible for the situation. The company deliberately refrained from resuming negotiations after a warning strike was announced, Verdi’s strike leader Marvin Reschinsky said. Now he is counting on a quick, good result. “We clearly expect Lufthansa to pick up the pace next week to get air traffic back into operation.” The high degree is also a sign of relief for existing employees when Lufthansa offers more attractive jobs for newcomers. “They are urgently needed.”

Verdi members go on strike at Frankfurt airport.

The ongoing wage negotiations are the background of the warning strike. In the second round of negotiations, Lufthansa made an offer in mid-July, which Verdi criticized as “insufficient”. So they want to increase the pressure on employers to submit “a significantly improved, final offer” in the next round of negotiations in early August.

Lufthansa’s HR director Michael Niggemann criticized the strike call and the deadline. “An early escalation after just two days of negotiation in the constructive negotiating round so far is causing enormous damage,” he said on Tuesday. This mainly applies to passengers in the main travel season. “And it puts an additional heavy burden on our employees in an already difficult phase of air traffic.”

No further strikes so far


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Lufthansa customers do not have to worry about the further action of the Verdi association, at least until the next round of talks in the coming week. “I can rule that out,” negotiator Verdi Behle said on Wednesday’s ZDF program.

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