Gamescom 2022: Cheap Hotels in Cologne (Update)

Room with a view: The new Motel One Cologne-Neumarkt only opened in 2018 (Image: Motel One)

After a three-year hiatus, Gamescom 2022 will be held again at the Cologne exhibition center. Where can you find cheap hotels?

Updated on July 28, 2022: Check24 is on the trail of something big: Hotel prices at Gamescom are higher than when there are no fairs.

The discovery is supported by concrete data: according to them, overnight stays at Gamescom on Thursday (August 25) cost an average of EUR 263 – 68 percent more than on other days in August.

Several hotels charge a surcharge of 100, 200 or even 300 percent: the room rate at the Tryp by Windham Cologne City Center on August 25 is € 322 – in early September (just one week after Gamescom) you can book there for 76 € stay overnight . Other popular hotels such as Ibis Köln Messe, Mercure Hotel, Savoy Hotel, B&B Hotel Köln-Messe or Leonardo Köln are also taking advantage of higher demand to at least temporarily double their fares.

In the immediate vicinity of the exhibition center – i.e. within two kilometers – Check24 found vacancies only in 24 facilities according to specific criteria. The cheapest room is available for 228 € per night – a week later only 69 € upwards are paid in 3-star hostels.

Anyone who wants to travel five or ten kilometers will find a large number of inexpensive guesthouses and hotels in and around Cologne.

The Gamescom week begins on August 22 with the Devcom development conference – this Sunday (August 28) the fair ends in the entertainment zone (more information about tickets and exhibitors).

July 4, 2022 update: Seven weeks before Gamescom 2022 begins, the (low-cost) accommodation offer has been somewhat exhausted. Especially on weekends, only a few rooms can be booked in hotels in the Cologne area – prices for solo travelers range from 200 euros upwards in the three- and four-star categories.

If you only stay in Cologne for one night (Tuesday to Wednesday for example) you will still find nice hotels ranging from € 150 to € 200. It gets more expensive from Wednesday to Thursday when business travelers in the trade fair environment should plan around 250 euros.

However, those who attend Devcom (Monday and Tuesday) have a good hand: especially in the three-star area, there is still enough choice with tariffs well below 100 euros per night in some cases.

The business zone is open from Wednesday to Friday. An industry event (separate ticket required) will be held on Thursday at Gamescom (August 25).

June 21, 2022 Patch: Advance sale of tickets for Gamescom 2022 is in full swing – both for private and industry guests. There is no official list of exhibitors; We document previous approvals and cancellations here.

Basic information about Gamescom 2022 can be found in this post.

Message of May 17, 2022: As soon as KoelnMesse and the association confirmed the date of Gamescom 2022, the hotel industry in Cologne felt the dawn: one company after another has “adjusted” prices upwards, while the offer has shrunk. As a result, rooms now cost two or three times faster than unfair times, depending on location and category.

Hotels and guesthouses in the cathedral city have a bit of catching up to do: for two years, the pandemic has prevented major fairs, conferences and events – 2022 should finally get fully booked hotels again.

And even if Gamescom organizers aren’t counting on new visitor records: at least business customers and exhibitors are promising full order books and an audience that sometimes puts 100 euros more per night on the table.

Here are some handy tips on how to spend the cheapest night in and around Cologne during Gamescom 2022:

It’s usually a good idea to book your night at Gamescom as early as possible – preferably one year in advance, right after the show. The closer to the party, the narrower the choice and the more expensive the rooms. Last minute deals have become rare.

First you should know the exact date: Gamescom 2022 officially begins on August 24, 2022 (Wednesday) and ends on August 28, 2022 (Sunday). The order of the day has slightly changed compared to Gamescom 2019. August 24 is the industry and media day, the first public day is August 25 (Thursday). Gamescom 2022 will kick off at the Devcom 2022 development conference on Monday and Tuesday (August 22/23).

For industry visitors, the Business Arena is suitable, which is available from August 24 to 26, i.e. from Wednesday to Friday. The end-user zone covers halls 5 to 10 and is available from Thursday to Sunday, i.e. August 25-28.

Pre-sale for Gamescom 2022 is expected to start in May 2022. Please note that there will be a limited number of tickets this year: tickets are available only in advance (entertainment and business zones).

Initial schedule of Gamescom 2022 (as of March 23, 2022 - subject to change)
Initial schedule of Gamescom 2022 (as of March 23, 2022 – subject to change)

Gamescom 2022: Remember Summer Vacation

Unlike previous Gamescom years, Gamescom 2022 will take place outside school holidays NRW. This means that the already busy suburban and school traffic along the Ring, on the Rhine bridges and on access roads and motorways will face competition from tens of thousands of Gamescom visitors and exhibitors.

More than ever, you should think about how to get from your accommodation to the exhibition center (and back) when booking. Depending on the time of day, public transport may be better than taxis.

Greater range of hotels on the left bank of the Rhine

There are only a few hotels around the exhibition center in Cologne-Deutz – that is, on the right bank of the Rhine – including the Hyatt Regency, Dorint An der Messe, Radisson Blue, Ibis Köln Messe and – the brand new – The Niu Młyn in Cologne-Mulheim.

The choice in the old town is much greater: there are dozens of three- and four-star hotels and countless guesthouses. Cons: Gamescom visitors have to cross the Rhine in the morning and evening – the fastest way to do this is by metro and tram, and rented bike, e-scooter, or on foot.

Affordable Accommodation: Share your hotel stay

Is your favorite hotel fully booked for the planned Gamescom period? Then it is worth dividing the accommodation into two accommodation places and accepting the move during your stay.

This is especially important if you want to extend your Gamescom visit to the previous or next weekend in Cologne.

Gamescom 2022: Take advantage of the new openings in Cologne

Cologne has been struggling with far too little hotel supply for years: the city still has far too few hotels and too few hotel beds to cope with the Gamescom fever. That is why the whole city is investing, building and renovating.

You need to know that most new openings usually appear on booking portals only from the day they open – but reservations are often possible well in advance by contacting the hotel directly by phone or email.

Overview of current new hotel construction projects in and around Cologne:

  • Completely new from 2018 and coveted by Gamescom visitors: this Motel One Cologne-Neumarkt * and Hotel 25hours The Circle Cologne *.
  • This is unusual on the market from 2019 V8 Hotel Cologne at Motorworld *which is a bit off the beaten track but can be reached in 20 minutes by city train.
  • Closer to Gamescom than this Motel One Cologne* impossible: right at the entrance to Gamescom, a seven-story hotel building was built on the premises of the MesseCity, operated by the Motel One chain (300 rooms) and Adina Apartment Hotels (170 studios).
  • New, spectacular Ruby Ella Hotel Cologne * on the Hohenzollernring, opened in 2021. The facility was built on the site of the legendary Capitol cinema, which hosts iconic shows such as Die Harald Schmidt show, Weekly program or Total television have been registered.
  • It turns into an endless story Dom Hotel: A five-star luxury hostel right next to Cologne’s landmark should have opened a long time ago – operator now plans for 2023.

Book your Gamescom hotel directly at the exhibition center

From the buffet breakfast you can go directly to Gamescom – this is offered by several hotels that are located no more than a few hundred meters from the exhibition center. Overview:

  • Ibis Budget Cologne Messe (2 stars)
  • Hotel on the Island (3 stars)
  • Pilar Garni (3 stars)
  • Ilbertz (3 stars)
  • Centro Hotel Ayun (3 stars)
  • Trade fair hotel Cologne-Deutz (3 stars)
  • BURNS Fair & More (3.5 stars)
  • Centro Hotel Ayon Deluxe (4 stars)
  • Hotel Stadtpalais (4 stars)
  • Burns Art Cologne (4 stars)
  • The New Yorker Hotel Cologne Messe (4 stars)
  • Dorint at the Cologne Exhibition Center (4.5 stars)
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Cologne (4.5 stars)
  • Hyatt Recency Cologne (5 stars)
Hyatt Regency Cologne is one of the few 5-star hotels in the immediate vicinity of Gamescom (photo: GamesWirtschaft)
Hyatt Regency Cologne is one of the few 5-star hotels in the immediate vicinity of Gamescom (photo: GamesWirtschaft)

Gamescom 2022: go to hotels in Leverkusen and Bonn

Due to the lack of accommodation and high prices, the neighboring cities of Cologne, Leverkusen * and Bonn *, are increasingly becoming the focus of Gamescom visitors and exhibitors. For example, the exhibition center can be reached in 20 minutes by city rail or regional express train from Leverkusen; from Bonn or Düsseldorf the journey takes approximately 30 minutes.

The neighboring cities of Cologne: Hürth, Pulheim, Dormagen, Siegburg, Kerpen, Brühl, Frechen and Bergisch-Gladbach are also perfectly connected to the S-Bahn network and will take you directly to Gamescom in 20 to 30 minutes.

Keep in mind that the journey by car can take much longer than by city rail as you have to make your way through the traffic in Cologne during rush hour.

Take advantage of hotels at the Cologne / Bonn airport

There is a range of good * hotels at affordable prices close to Cologne / Bonn Airport. In particular, travelers who fly to Cologne for a day or two often choose one of these hotels. Accommodation is offered there by well-known chains such as Leonardo, Ibis or Best Western. The lines S13 and S19 run directly to the Cologne Messe-Deutz train station.

Gamescom 2022: Apartments and private rooms for families and groups

Young people, young adults and families are among the main target groups of Gamescom 2022. Private accommodation in all price ranges that is rented furnished can be found on hotel comparison sites *, agencies and websites such as AirBnB. Depending on the size of the apartments and houses, they are also suitable for groups and whole families.

The more people have to be accommodated, the more important the reservation is in advance. Many owners attach great importance to a minimum stay of three or four days, especially at Gamescom.

Anyone planning a shorter stay must take into account higher daily rates. With a little flexibility and a willingness to compromise, the choice grows.

Gamescom Hotel 2022: Please note the cancellation policy

Everyone who books a trip knows that an unforeseen – whether it’s a nasty cold or a necessity to work – cannot be ruled out. Therefore, when booking, please pay attention to the cancellation policy. On hotel comparison sites, you can use the filter to clearly display the hotels with free cancellation. Individual providers often allow cancellations shortly before the first night of accommodation.

If the hotel charges the full price for the night for a no-show, costs of several hundred euros quickly come up. In this case, it is worth buying a year-round travel cancellation insurance, which can be obtained for a small fee, e.g. at ADAC.

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