No more obstetrics in Bobingen: it will be over from October


Obstetrics in Bobingen must be closed. (icon image)

For months, those in charge of the Wertach clinics have been struggling with obstetrics at the Bobingen center. From this week on, it was clear: obstetrics would be discontinued on September 30th. The Wertach clinics announced this on Thursday in a press release.

“Together with Mayor of Bobingen, Klaus Förster, we have made tremendous efforts in recent weeks to save obstetrics,” says Martin Gösele, director of the clinic. However, there is no cure for the lack of staff and the generally difficult conditions for doctors in small hospitals. “That’s why we had to make this decision in the end,” continued Gösele. Therefore, with a heavy heart, the situation was discussed in detail in a joint discussion with the attending physicians, midwives, and the responsible nursing care management and ward management, and it was decided that obstetrics would no longer be continued from October 1.

Why before the end of the year?

According to the press release, from October midwives will no longer be able to cover all services, and the number of nurses needed will no longer be sufficient for competent and professional care in the ward in the last few weeks of the year. Therefore, there is no alternative to the fourth quarter solution, says Gösele, director of the clinic.

However, as full security of supply for both women who have recently given birth and newborns until the last day is particularly important to everyone involved, the decision to close the facility was made on September 30.

Two of the three current affiliate doctors had previously resigned from their role in obstetrics at the end of this year. “Over the past few weeks, we have been in close contact with Mayor Förster, potential successors, and the large clinics in the area. Unfortunately, the facilities in the region do not have the human resources that could help us maintain obstetrics permanently ”. explains Gösele. Finally, none of the registered stakeholders was able to decide to undertake the extensive midwifery services required at the small branch in Bobingen.

In many cases, this was due to the cost of the necessary professional indemnity insurance and the heavy workload, Gösele continued. The nearby facilities emphasize that they are able to undertake the upcoming births, which have been consumed by the Wertach clinics so far. That’s good news, at least, Gösele is relieved.

Three doctors who will deal with obstetrics by October will quit their obstetric work, but will continue to work in gynecology in Wertach clinics – emphasizes the head of the clinic. He hopes that he will be able to recruit the remaining nurses to other areas of the Wertach clinics, because there is a great demand everywhere. Midwives are self-employed and need to find a different professional orientation. “I very much regret that we can no longer offer our maternity service, which was just seen as an alternative to large maternity clinics, and that a significant financial pillar of midwives has also disappeared,” explains Gösele. As there is a great need everywhere, she hopes that interested midwives will quickly find an alternative.

Klaus Förster, mayor of the city of Bobingen, agrees: “It is very unfortunate that we have not been able to find a solution for the continuation of obstetrics in Bobingen.” But a lack of staffing among doctors and midwives, in the nursing unit and among pediatric nurses would make this step inevitable. “Our shared goal is now that within the presented concept of the future there is also a future for obstetrics,” says Förster. (in the afternoon)

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