Online casinos in Austria: who can play here?

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The gambling industry has probably waited a long time for such great times as they are going through today as roulette, blackjack and more are more popular than ever. Especially in the course of progressive digitization, thanks to which many of our leisure activities are increasingly moving to the Internet, this is where another significant step has been taken.


While new regulations are appearing in Germany to regulate this market, the legal situation in neighboring Austria is much more liberal. Virtually all doors are open there for service providers to offer their services online. So it’s no surprise that the number of online casinos has skyrocketed.

Therefore, it is not easy for newcomers to distinguish reputable providers such as NetBet Casino Austria from other competitors. It is extremely important to make this choice carefully so that the player does not get into trouble himself. Here we explain what to consider in Austria.

Why is the legal situation so different?

Of course, each state has its own laws, so gambling is no different. Variations are sometimes serious, so you always have to deal with what is in force in the country. Especially if, as a passionate gamer, you travel abroad and maybe you are used to very free legal services in your home country.

The fact that a topic is treated so differently from country to country today depends on many factors. On the one hand, history is decisive, i.e. whether and how gambling has already been practiced in the past and what limitations the whole case had. In many places, gambling was unwelcome and assigned to a lower social class, which certainly had a negative impact on the overall image.

In other areas, however, stylish evenings at the card table were popular from a very early stage, which in turn testified to etiquette and social status. It is also interesting whether the government put an end to gambling or whether it always made money in the hustle and bustle with a special income tax.

The degree to which the state itself is involved in what is happening today also plays an important role. For example, are there state lotteries or casinos, whether official licenses are issued at all, and how much freedom they ultimately leave to the operator. It is also very clear that the entire internet market presents a whole new challenge to any government because it is just much less tangible.

The casino companies behind it can easily operate across borders and host their websites with different URLs. That is why many countries like to apply particularly strict rules here.

What gambling activities are allowed in Austria?

For example, unlike Switzerland or Germany, legislation in Austria is very tolerant of any gambling offerings. There is a monopoly on land-based gambling operations, so there is no competition in this area. The situation is completely different with online gambling.

On the one hand, the state itself has been running a downloadable casino for around 24 years, offering a wide variety of all casino games – from different styles of roulette to baccarat and poker to countless machines, everything is presented here. Online casinos, on the other hand, are free to operate and can be used by players living in Austria.

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From a formal point of view, Austrians do not have access to foreign websites. Conversely, however, nothing is done to check it or even punish it. Vigorous competition therefore dominates the Austrian online casino landscape.

Characteristically, payout rates are communicated very openly. Reputable providers also attach great importance to high data encryption to protect their users and guarantee a carefree gaming experience. The protection of young people and consumers is also not neglected.

After all, it is of course still important to obtain comprehensive information before signing up with an online casino and ensuring the credibility of the provider. This can be done, inter alia, by checking the print and paying attention to the clear playing conditions. The customer service and quality seals are also a positive sign.

Why are online casinos so attractive?

That it is so easy for Austrian players to take advantage of the offers available is of course a plus. But as examples from other countries show, suppliers and users always have the opportunity to find each other, even with strict requirements. After all, the demand is high and is therefore eagerly served.

It is enough to realize that several billion euros are traded around the world each year. There is therefore a lot of economic interest behind these casinos. And from enthusiastic gamblers?

Well, they find excitement and good entertainment at the same time while enjoying the game. Colorful slot machines and quick rounds of roulette are a great distraction from everyday worries and guarantee excitement. Blood pressure rises and happiness hormones are released, which in turn triggers positive feelings.

So it is easy to explain why many players look for that kick over and over again – the physical processes are actually not very different from those that go on in the body when taking drugs. Of course, there is also the prospect of a nice additional income that fascinates many players.

Moreover, it is very easy to start gambling – an online casino account opens quickly and thanks to digital payment methods, your game balance can be topped up in seconds. Compared to land-based gambling operations, the online casino is open 24/7, so you can access it completely flexibly.

There is no entrance fee, and no dress code must be followed as everyone can simply enjoy all kinds of games of chance in the comfort of their own home. Practical apps now even allow you to log into your own account from a mobile device.

Attractive welcome bonuses, free spins and many other extras also ensure the creation of appropriate financial incentives. The variety of games is also impressive, especially as new games are constantly being posted online. We guarantee that it will not be boring …

No participation under the age of 18. Gambling can be addictive! You can get help from the BZgA helpline with DLTB support: 0800 1372700 (free of charge).

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