Polaris 2022 Convention in Hamburg: ticket sales start (update)

Polaris 2022 will be held from October 28-30, 2022 at Messe Hamburg (Image: Super Crowd Entertainment)

At the end of October, a new social fair will take place in Messe Hamburg: the Polaris Convention. One of the organizers is Super Crowd Entertainment.

Updated on July 28, 2022: The pre-sale of tickets for the Polaris Convention (October 28-30) in Hamburg began today with the new caravan. A day ticket costs € 29 – a three-day ticket costs € 60. Early bird rates of EUR 22 and EUR 53 apply until and including August 31, 2022. A mandatory condition for the purchase of a personalized ticket is registration in the Hamburg Messe system.

Under password “Your amusement park for fan culture” the organizers advertise with loads of up-to-date video games, esports, board games, retro games, cosplay, workshops and gadgets. It is designed for over 30,000 visitors and an exhibition area of ​​20,000 square meters.

According to the organizers (Hamburg Messe und Congress, Super Crowd Entertainment, Rcadia), 120 exhibitors have already registered, including Capcom, Daedalic Entertainment, Steam, Razer, Acer, Ocha Ocha, Wired Productions and Rocket Beans TV. Creators such as Lara Loft, Farbenfuchs, PietSmiet, DoktorFroiod, EOS Andy, Maul Cosplay, Ninotaku and FisHC0p have announced their participation. In the esports arena rocket league– and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate -Also tournaments FIFA 23-Show scheduled matches.

In a specially created companion application, visitors can “level up” their character, collect stickers and unlock bonuses.

May 5, 2022 update: The draft title has now become the final name for the new community fair: The Polaris Convention (website) is scheduled to take place on October 28-30, 2022 in Hamburg exhibition halls – a format that brings together games, creators, e-sports, Japanese pop culture and cosplay under one roof.

Market-leading influencers, youtubers and streamers have already confirmed, including PietSmiet, DoktorFroid, FisHC0p, Farbenfuchs, eosAndy, Ninotaku, Maul Cosplay and many more.

The organizers (Hamburg Messe und Congress, Super Crowd Entertainment, Rcadia) start selling next Thursday, which means that exhibitors can register with immediate effect.

Message of March 3, 2022: “We had to wait a long time … but in the end it is” the trailer whispers: On the last weekend of October (October 28-30, 2022), the Hamburg Messe und Congress (HMC), the Rcadia gaming center and the organizer of the Super Crowd event (Indie Arena Booth, Hamburg Games Conference) are organizing “The vast community universe in the north”.

The new format, with the working title “Polaris”, brings together games, esports, cosplay, creators, artists and Japanese pop culture – surrounded by an online component, including a mobile application, streaming shows and hybrid booth concepts.

The community convention will be held at the Messe Hamburg. Its president, Bernd Aufderheide, is already in cloud nine: “Cool subject, hopeless format. I’m excited. Both fit perfectly with HMC and Hamburg. The gaming community also benefits from the location of our halls, in close proximity to the most creative areas of the city. Work and party – there could not be better conditions for “Polaris”.

After Photophia (2021) and Future Moves (2022), Polaris is already the third big event in a few months.

“With” Polaris “we plan to organize the most technologically advanced and entertaining hybrid fairs in Europe”reveals the CEO of Super Crowd Wolf Lang, who is also the creative director of Polaris. “As number 1 in the digital entertainment fair industry and with many years of experience in the physical exhibition industry, we cannot imagine a better partner than the Hamburg Messe and RCADIA to make this event a unique spectacle for gamers.”

For the premiere to be a success, the organizers also brought a whole range of experienced and well-coordinated partners on board. Planning includes:

  • fantasy writer Mike Robrahn
  • video game journalist Stephan Freundorfer
  • Second Wave CEO Borys Lehfeld
  • Creator Denis Gumt (in ankle)
  • Walentyna Brzoza (director of the stand in the independent arena)
  • Inventors of Magnology Hirofumi Yamada
  • … and a lot more

Rcadia’s new gaming, esports and events location in Hamburg is also one of the partners “unique experience” want to create community at trade fairs. Tomislav Karajica, founder of Imvest Group: “We also aim to showcase and make digital innovation a reality, get partners from this area and connect them with a really big community. This takes place every day at our headquarters, and the next step is to bring our philosophy to the fore in a joint event with strong comrades such as the Hamburg Messe and the Super Crowd.

Codename Polaris: The team behind the Hamburg community convention (Image: Super Crowd Entertainment)
Codename Polaris: The team behind the Hamburg community convention (Image: Super Crowd Entertainment)

The minds behind Polaris (top left to bottom right):

  • Tomisław Karajica (Invest / CEO Group and founder)
  • Valentina Birke (Super Crowd / Indie Arena Booth director)
  • Hirofumi Yamada (Super Crowd / Inventor of Magnology and co-founder of Super Crowd)
  • Daniel Schmitt (Hamburg Messe / Director of Business Development and Market Research)
  • Bernd AufderHeide (Hamburg Messe / CEO)
  • Sebastian Stamm (Super Crowd / Artistic Director)
  • Wolf Lang (Super Crowd / CEO and creative director)
  • Marc Kirchhamm (Super Crowd / Director of Streaming and Creators)
  • Stephanie Lang (Super Crowd / COO & Public Partnerships)
  • Mikkel Robrahn (game director)
  • Sebastian Lampe (Rcadia / Project Manager at Home United Spaces)
  • Denis Rubbert (Diced / Table Creator and Director)
  • Stephan Freundorfer (retro games director)
  • Anja Holinsky (Hamburg Trade Fair / Business Development)
  • Boris Lehfeld (second wave / CEO)

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