Study: Aromatherapy Relieves Long COVID Symptoms


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Essential oils can help patients who suffer from long-term consequences such as exhaustion, trouble concentrating, or symptoms of depression after an acute corona infection. This is the result of a recent study (1) from the USA. The research used a blend of the essential oils of thyme, orange, clove and incense, which were carried out to the highest scientific standards. The authors conclude that fragrant Oils are suitable as an adjunctive therapy in the long-term consequences of coronavirus infection.

The study was conducted at the end of 2021 by scientists from the Franklin Health Research Center in Tennessee / USA according to the scientific gold standard, i.e. a randomized, controlled placebo and a double-blind procedure. 40 healthy women took part in it. Although they survived an acute COVID infection, they still felt a marked lack of energy, the so-called fatigue (French: fatigue, exhaustion) more than five months after their recovery.

While the aromatherapy group in the study received a blend of thyme, orange, clove, and incense essential oils for inhalation, the control group received an odorless coconut oil. Both groups inhaled the prescribed product twice daily for fourteen consecutive days. Fatigue scores were measured using the Multivariate Fatigue Symptom Inventory (MFSI).

As the researchers write in their abstract, the study shows that inhaling the described blend of essential oils twice a day for 14 days leads to a significant improvement in patients’ energy levels. Improvement was especially noticeable in terms of general and mental fatigue, and subjects with aromatherapy were more lively and experienced a much better quality of life.

The study confirms practical experience in oncology

“The results of the study are consistent with our many years of experience in using essential oils in cancer patients who suffer from fatigue,” explains Anusati Thumm, leader of the PRIMAVERA International Seminars. Fatigue is a form of exhaustion accompanied by severe fatigue, apathy, sleepiness, and lack of concentration. Cancer patients in particular often suffer from fatigue.

“The present study is especially valuable to us as it adds to our knowledge of practice with scientific findings on the effectiveness of aromatherapy interventions for ailments such as fatigue, cognitive impairment and concentration problems,” says Thumm.

According to Thumm, the psychological effect of aromatherapy should not be underestimated. “Cancer patients are already benefiting from being able to deal with fragrant plant active ingredients. This allows, for example, to organize the day well. Morning washing with rosemary cineole provides revitalization, and evening lavender rubbing brings soothing relaxation and strengthens the psyche.

Most people who suffer from a crown suffer from long-term consequences

Anyone infected with the coronavirus can suffer long-term consequences. According to current knowledge, the risk increases with the severity of the disease. It is also believed that women are more likely to get long COVID than men. In addition, many pre-existing conditions and health risks appear to increase the risk of the long-term consequences of COVID-19.

Symptoms of chronic or post-COVID vary widely and can occur singly or in combination and last for different lengths of time. Affected people complain, inter alia, for exhaustion, shortness of breath and problems with concentration (brain fog or brain fog), but also for psychological problems such as depression and anxiety symptoms. Symptoms can severely limit daily life and quality of life. The definition of the Long COVID clinical picture does not yet exist.

For a lively atmosphere at home, Thumm recommends the following mix:

Fragrance recipe to work with for the children’s room and home office

5 drops of lemon

2 drops of spruce needle

Spray essential oils in an aroma lamp in the room.

Body Oil “Protective Shield”

5 drops of lemon balm 30% (alternatively 30% lemon balm and 70% fine lavender)

3 drops of organic marjoram

50 ml of base oil, e.g. almond oil

Mix the essential oils with almond oil and apply warm herb-scented oil to the heart or stomach area.

Sunny Day room fragrance recipe

5 drops of bergamot

3 drops of red mandarin

10 drops of a broom 15%

Spray essential oils in an aroma lamp in the room.

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