The European Union continues to support the YUFE university alliance

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The European Union continues to support the YUFE university alliance

The European YUFE alliance (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) continues to be funded by the EU. The European Commission took its decision on Wednesday 27 July 2022. Moreover, the consortium in which the University of Bremen is a partner university is one of the most successful European university alliances. EUR 14.4 million will flow to the YUFE project across Europe over the next four years.

The European University Alliance YUFE is one of the university networks that have received the best grades from the EU. Over 50 applications were submitted by 350 universities.

“We are very proud that the YUFE model, a young, student-centered, open and inclusive European university, has become a pioneer and role model in European education,” says Professor Rianne Letschert, president of the YUFE alliance and President Maastricht. A university that coordinates the network. “We are determined to help shape the future of higher education and will continue to create specific programs for our community of European students, researchers, innovators, citizens and professionals.

Objective: to strengthen the common European identity

Science senator dr. Claudia Schilling comments: “YUFE’s European university network has made impressive progress since its inception. Therefore, I have never doubted that the network would successfully master the evaluation of the first stage of the project. Therefore, the European Commission has decided to continue funding from the Erasmus Mundus program. I am very happy about it. YUFE stands for a growing Europe together, European values, diversity and equal opportunities, climate protection and sustainable development, and scientific excellence in research and teaching ”.

Rector of the University of Bremen, prof. Bernd Scholz-Reiter says: “I am very pleased with the decision of the European Commission to continue funding the YUFE alliance. We used the first three years to lay the foundations for a European university. Now we are moving to the next stage to implement step by step our vision of a European university. Our aim is to strengthen our common identity and contribute to the cohesion of European society ”.

In the summer of 2019, the YUFE alliance has already succeeded in a pilot call for proposals by the European Commission and has been funded by five million euro over the past three years. To deepen and further develop the services that have been created so far.

Dr. Daniela Trani, Director of the YUFE Alliance at Maastricht University, emphasized: “The new European Commission funding will strengthen the YUFE alliance and allow us to take another big step in our pioneering work to turn our dream from a true European university into an institutional reality that crosses borders, cultures , disciplines and sectors. We are grateful for the commitment of all our partners and appreciate the efforts of all students and staff who show every day that they believe in our common European vision. “

About YUFE

In pilot projects, the YUFE network already offers students the opportunity to take part in academic courses at their respective partner universities. In addition, there are language courses, tandems, coffee shops, training in professional and social skills, civic engagement activities, opportunities for physical, virtual and mixed mobility, international internships and the promotion of entrepreneurship initiatives. The Alliance also offers exchange and further training opportunities for science, administration and technology workers. The first YUFE postdoctoral positions have already been awarded. There are also offers for events and training for all university employees. YUFE should also create a network of relevant cities and regions and promote cooperation and exchange.

YUFE’s partners for the second phase of financing 2022 are:

• University of Maastricht (head) – Netherlands

• Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń – Poland

• Carlos III University of Madrid – Spain

• University of Antwerp – Belgium

• University of Bremen – Germany

• University of Cyprus – Cyprus

• University of Eastern Finland

• University of Essex – UK

• University of Rijeka – Croatia

• The Adecco Group in France

• Global Educational Testing Service

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