Concert canceled – because a white band plays reggae: “cultural appropriation”

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FROM: Bjarne Kommnick


The concert of the “Lauwarm” band has to be canceled. Objection: The five white men with dreadlocks cannot play reggae. The debates are going wild right now.

Bern – Actually, the musicians from “Lauwarm” just wanted to join the band, which resigned shortly after. But then the performance turned into a failure. As the band had to finish their concert early in Brasserie Lorraine in Bern, according to the organizer, various guests expressed “malaise”. The accusation is cultural appropriation, a problem for some visitors: five white men, some of whom wear dreadlocks and play reggae music. So a discussion on the Internet began, in which pop singer Roberto Blanco also plays a role.

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The organizer cancels the concert of white musicians because they play reggae: “discomfort” in the audience

After receiving several complaints, the organizer, Brasserie Lorraine, canceled the concert during the break: “During the concert, several people came to us on their own and expressed their discomfort with the situation,” we read in a statement. “It was about the theme of ‘cultural appropriation.’ After talking with the band, we decided to cancel the concert together. ”

As the audience of “Lauwarm” felt uncomfortable with the band’s behavior, the concert had to be canceled. © lauwarm_music / instagram

The left-wing cooperative then apologized to “all the people who felt unwell after the concert” and then: “Our gaps in consciousness and the reaction of many guests to the concert’s cancellation showed us once again that the topic is emotionally charged and we need to talk and listen to each other together. “.

Team reacts “horrified” to accusations: “It is wrong to accuse us of racism and discrimination”

And the team has already responded to the allegations. Consequently, Lauwarm musicians “surprised and terrified” reacted to the accusations, reported “”. “The mood was great,” explained team member Dominik Plumettaz. “I’ve never heard of cultural appropriation, I don’t even know what it is. We have never been confronted with this accusation before, ”said Plumettaz. “We are not racists. I have ancestors from Africa. One in our team who has dreadlocks, has a dark-skinned wife and many friends from African countries. It is wrong to accuse us of racism and discrimination. “

And the network also agrees with the team. This is why the name of Roberto Blanco is popular on Twitter today. Meanwhile, there are posts that say a singer shouldn’t be able to sing a German hit if Lauwarm can’t play reggae. A far-flung and dangerous comparison or a justified criticism?

When the concert is canceled, the net is bursting at the seams: “Can Roberto Blanco not sing the hit anymore?”

The user writes: “Can Roberto Blanco no longer sing the hit because he’s not white?” Another also asks: “What exactly is Roberto Blanco saying about this? Can he still sing German hits? ” Another user writes that Blanco would even sing “the most potatoy of all potato songs”. A similar debate broke out only recently, when Friday for Future did not invite an artist with dreadlocks – also accused of cultural appropriation.

“It can only be people who have no other problems”: For many, the concert hiatus goes too far

One comment was even against the organizer: “By the way, brasserie is a term from northern France. I feel very “uncomfortable” that Brasserie Lorraine in Bern uses this term and thus practices cultural appropriation. ” Another user writes, “It can only be people who have no other problems.”

There are many areas where cultural appropriation should be prevented. However, the web seems to almost agree on this point: the allegations are over the top. It is different with other things: for example, the song “Three Chinese with a Double Bass” should be avoided due to racial profiling. The term “curry” is now also considered racist. Certain costumes should also be avoided during carnival due to cultural appropriation.

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