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“Disabled people can be scouts just as well as anyone in the federal camp,” says Dolce, aka Kerstin Wesner. She sits on the board of the Catholic Scouts Association and is dedicated to scouts with disabilities.

Wolfgang Holz

“It’s the police!” – “No, it’s not the police!” – “Yes, it’s the police!” – «No, look, it’s something else!» The scout leader explains the point on the map to the boy next to him on the bench. He is pleased and agrees.

Group exercises map reading

His group is just practicing map reading. The smell of carrot risotto is already coming from the camp kitchen. Before lunch, 15 girls and boys learn something about pioneering scout techniques under a shaded large tent.

“Are you the real pledgees?”

scout leader

They also have a lot of fun with the Samaritan exercises and learning about tarpaulins and ropes. The leader showed them how to properly tie the scout ties. “Are you the real pledgees?” He asks the girls and boys while motivating them. They answer her enthusiastically with all their hearts: “Takssssssssssss!”

Children and teens learn how to make the right tie button in a pioneering technique exercise.

Scouts from the mentally and physically handicapped group are welcome at the PTA. PTA stands for “Path Anyway”. The scouts are pleased with the welcome change and program in the federal camp.

Left Hose and Right Hose …

Only the right tie button is more complicated than expected – and leaders are eager to show each child individually. “The snake on the left is coiled, the snake on the right is wrapped around the other, and then slides through the hole …” This is what the instructions in the book say. That sounds really hard.

“People with disabilities can be scouts just as well as anyone in the federal camp.”

Dolce aka Kerstin Wesner

“People with disabilities can be scouts just as well as anyone in the federal camp,” assures Dolce, whose real name is Kerstin Wesner, 49. The catechist and social worker is a member of the association “Pfadi Nevertheless” in Unterwalden.


President of “Dolce” aka Kerstin Wesner in the Catholic Church of Yurt.

Looks after children and young people aged 8 to 18 and supports leaders. Running through the forest, hiding in the bushes, being in nature – it’s not a problem. Even for disabled scouts.

15 participants, 11 caregivers

“However, the workload associated with supervision is obviously greater, also to guarantee safety and supervision – that’s why we have 11 supervisors for 15 participants” – says “Dolce”. Together, they created a diverse program for little scouts – such as colorful weekly shows.

“I like washing dishes.”

Suena, 12 years old

In addition to gymnastic and sporting units, there are also entertainment activities. “Recently our scouts mingled with other scouts in a disco – it was no problem. We are absolutely part of the whole here – assures Dolce.

Delicious carrot risotto is available in the camp kitchen.

Delicious carrot risotto is available in the camp kitchen.

Now everyone is hungry and eager to eat. Homemade Alpine pasta, tomatoes and mozzarella, grilled cheese and the aforementioned carrot risotto are spread over colorful plates.

– And so it tastes much better out in the open air.

camp cook

Everyone tastes great. “And it tastes even better in the open air,” says the chef with a smile. Then, children and adolescents who have an appropriate office collect dishes to be washed.

I like being out in nature

“I like washing dishes,” says 12-year-old Suena. She is with a scout because she likes to play with others. 16-year-old Svenja loves being outdoors in nature. He enjoys exercising and spending free time with others.

“Children feel good with scouts because there is no pressure to perform. Because they don’t have to have any special skills, ”says Dolce. “Everyone is welcome with their strengths and weaknesses.”

A card game during the break.

A card game during the break.

All PTA scouts are very sociable and open minded. “When they look at you with bright and thankful eyes or hug you warmly, a sleepless night is quickly forgotten,” says Hermine (19), one of the two leaders, describing her feelings of happiness with the federal camp. Not to mention, she never gets bored with scouts.

Disabled scouts also take part in the federal camp and feel comfortable.

Disabled scouts also take part in the federal camp and feel comfortable.

As president of the Catholic scouts, “Dolce” is primarily responsible for the spiritual support of his charges in the camp. She is sure that children and young people will also take with them something about faith: “Even if they are moving in their own world.”

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