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Barbara Schöneberger has many memories of “Do you understand fun?” © Christian Charisius / dpa Pool / dpa

Barbara Schöneberger makes her debut in “Do you understand the fun?”. Conversation about childhood memories, raising characters on stage and the difficult question: How much good is people?

Berlin – When Barbara Schöneberger takes over one of the most famous German TV shows, her childhood memories also emerge.

On Saturday (2 April), the 48-year-old is to moderate the classic ARD “Do you understand the fun?” For the first time. In a Berlin hotel room, he gives advanced interviews – he quickly finishes his makeup and sits down in an armchair. Hardly any moderator is seen so often on German television these days.

With her new series, Schöneberger has many memories – and an innocence that she would like to bring back to TV. It used to be much easier to cross alleged boundaries or taboos.

Back to innocence

“That’s when the elevator door opened and a lot of people were sitting there, naked as in a sauna. – Uuuuu, they are naked. Today someone has to hit a hammer to feel the same, she told the German Press Agency. You like a mix of innocence and untrained viewers. “Everything was surprised and fun.”

Actually, she would like to go back to that innocence. “In the meantime, we’ve developed so much calloused skin in all areas that you basically need such a strong stimulus to get out of hiding somehow. Pity.”

Millions of people still know the show. Like other formats, it comes from a time before Netflix existed, and many people tune in to the same show on Saturday nights. People have been making jokes there for about 40 years, and a hidden camera films their reactions. Several great TV stations moderated the program. Harald Schmidt, Dieter Hallervorden, Cherno Jobatey, Frank Elstner and recently Guido Cantz.

If you ask Schöneberger who was her favorite predecessor, she thinks for a moment. But only a short one. “For me, it’s Paola and Kurt Felix,” she said. When he thinks about the show, he sees Paola in front of him “in a great 80s outfit.” She also wished for big openings. She also offered to sing and dance. “Character lifting, stairs, light, glitter!” It is said that Paola Felix himself was the guest at the first Schöneberger show.

Schöneberger believes that entertainment formats are justified even in times of crisis. “I also think it’s wrong to start any entertainment program with” Yes, it’s all very difficult. ” It doesn’t work, ”she said. “People are smart enough and know the conditions outside.” You can treat yourself to this pastime, after which it becomes serious enough again.

In fact, man is good

Incidentally, Schöneberger has also been cheated on the show in the past. But she also associates the program with a positive image of humanity. When she saw old movies at the jubilee screening, she thought: people are good. “Completely strangers come to the street: ‘Can you hold this lantern for a moment? I’ll be right there – the concrete has to harden, ”said Schöneberger. Then these people would hold a lantern and be left alone.

“These people take responsibility for what they’re told and then they do it. Very few go away and say, “No, I don’t.” And I think that’s great – you can see people are really helpful. “

As he says himself, Schöneberger also trusts himself. “I’ve never had a bad experience and that’s why I always believe that everyone wants only the best,” said Schöneberger. Once upon a time, the television asked her to borrow her old brown Porsche. “Then I said,” Yeah sure, that’s nice. “

Then someone came and picked up her car and left her some notes. “I signed it, and so did he,” said Schöneberger. In the evening she told her husband. “Then he said to me, ‘Are you crazy? Do you have a number? I say,’ Yes, it says here ‘. – Have you ever called? -‘ No. ‘

The end of the song read: The car arrived the next day. “It was for the movie. They were infinitely grateful to me. They gave me a huge bouquet of flowers, ”says Schöneberger. “I never thought it might be a fake.” dpa

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