Fun in action in Franconian Switzerland

  • Betzenstein Adventure Park: Diverse adventure forest in the heart of Franconian Switzerland
  • 120 rope bridges and 11 routes: Climbing fun for young and old in climbing park
  • throwing an ax, archery and Cross balls – these are the attractions at Betzenstein Adventure Park

Fun, excitement, action and the experience of nature: in the heart of Franconian Switzerland, between rocks, old beech trees and caves, there is a unique recreation area with an extraordinary range of adventures. Above 100 rope bridges invite you to climb, mega zip lines lead directly over the adjoining outdoor pool, there is plenty of space for picnics and relaxation. Young and old alike can prove their skills by performing activities such as archery, ax throwing, slingshots, and cross-boules. In addition, various escape adventure games have recently appeared – in the middle of beautiful Franconian Switzerland. The diverse amusement park Betzenstein is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful adventure forests in Germany.

Betzenstein: high altitude climbing adventure

The showcase of the park is an extremely diverse climbing park. Big and little friends are climbing in the climbing park. With over 120 rope bridges on 11 different routes, no wish will be left unfulfilled in the climbing park. The natural rope park was built with an emphasis on environmental protection. Climbing routes have been adapted to nature and existing trees, not the other way around.

Rock Path, Mikado and new climbing routes climb, from the age of 8 there is also a beginner’s track, toboggan and adventure track. Young people from the age of 12 can master the cable car and the Tarzan course, and from the age of 14, the risk course. When running eleven routes, all climbers are secured with the “Click-It-System”. All children under the age of 13 are permanently secured by a self-insurance system.

One the new attraction was completed in 2022. Two additional via ferratas have been set up in a completely new area of ​​the adventure forest. On the south slope there are now two beautiful via ferratas with a view. Approved for climbers aged eight and above, the two climbs provide extra excitement. Children up to 8 years of age can also enter the children’s course after successful climbing. Gloves are required for forest climbing. High-quality gardening gloves are sold locally for € 3 per pair. Alternatively, you can bring your own gloves (no half finger gloves).

Ax Throwing, Archery & Co.: Other activities in the adventure park

This throwing an ax is a traditional sport, usually practiced using double-ended axes with long handles. The adventure park throwing track uses tomahawks, one-handed metal axes with a short handle, which, after a short introduction and a little practice, land flawlessly on wooden discs. Another highlight is this archery. Archery is originally one of the oldest forms of hunting in mankind and has long played an important role as a long-range weapon. The adventure park uses arrows and bows to shoot various creative targets for fun. For safety reasons, safety arrows are used during normal operation. The rules are simple and safe – even kids can start shooting safely right away.

The adventure park still offers an attraction slingshot. Like the bow, the slingshot is used all over the world as an item of sports equipment. With the slingshot, you can use small stones to target targets on different shooting lanes in a traditional and environmentally friendly way. Fun for young and old, though some caution is required. Basically, only play with eye protection and following instruction.

You can also actively play sports Cross balls down. Cross boule is based on ancient ball sports such as boule, boccia and petanque, in which players try to throw or roll their balls as close to the smaller, target ball as possible. However, Cross Boule is played with soft balls. In the Betzenstein adventure park, a beautiful track with 10 tracks between the rocks awaits you.

Adventure Park Betzenstein as an event venue for all occasions

Since 2007, the park’s operators have been offering a wide range of opportunities for groups and all kinds of events, whether it’s a corporate trip, team-building event, team event, wedding, bachelor party or a dance party with bonfire catering. the area is unique and suitable for any type of event. The large event dome also provides protection in bad weather. In winter, events can also be held in the large seminar room.

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Find out more about the diverse playground in central Franconian Switzerland here – here they are Amusement Park Contact Details:

  • Address: Betzenstein Amusement Park, Hauptstraße 68 / by the outdoor swimming pool, 91282 Betzenstein
  • side: Betzenstein amusement park
  • Telephone: 09244/9859 16
  • E-mail:
  • Opening hours: open from April to early November
  • Book: Visits can be booked online

The Betzenstein amusement park offers not only a wide range of attractions. With more than 120 rope bridges and 11 routes, it also offers a unique climbing park in the heart of Franconian Switzerland. Here you will find all the information about the climbing park.

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