In Spain: easyJet pilots go on strike in August

Status: 07/29/2022 13:36

After easyJet’s flight crew in Spain canceled the weekend strike, British airline pilots announce a strike. The strike is scheduled for nine days.

British low-cost airline easyJet pilots in Spain want to go on strike in August. The responsible trade union SEPLA has called for three three-day strikes, starting in mid-August. The pilots plan to work on August 12-14, 19-21 and 27-29. The planned strike is preceded by six-month negotiations.

The pilot’s representatives announced today that they want to achieve better working conditions. In particular, the pilots are in the business of restoring pre-crown working conditions. They are also demanding new multi-year contracts.

Various employment contracts in Europe

The strike is a last resort as all attempts by the pilots to reach an agreement have so far failed, the union said. The goal is to restore the working conditions of pilots from 2019. The company, on the other hand, presented a new proposal, which, however, further lowers the conditions in real terms.

The union also accuses easyJet of operating bases all over Europe and having different employment contracts in each country. The conditions of Spanish pilots have always been worse than others, which will be further aggravated by the company’s new offer.

The deck crew cancels a strike in Spain

At the last minute, the British group managed to prevent another strike. The cabin crew of an airline in Spain canceled the strike announced this weekend, the responsible USO flight attendants union said overnight.

British airlines accommodated cabin crew with “significant wage increases” of 22 percent by 2024. Over 300 of the more than 400 flight attendants working for easyJet in Spain voted in favor and approved it with nearly 75 percent.

The flight crew from Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca and Málaga went on strike for more money between 1 and 3 July and 15 and 17 July. In general, like the pilots, the workers wanted to go on strike for nine days in July.

850 euros less than in Germany

According to the USO, the basic salary of easyJet flight attendants in Spain is currently € 950 per month. This is 850 euros less than in Germany or France. – We cannot pay the rent or the mortgage with our base salary – emphasized Miguel Galán, the representative of USO airline employees. Longer working hours are the only way to make ends meet.

In September 2021, the UK group easyJet employed over 4,000 pilots and over 13,000 flight attendants at all locations.

Ryanair workers in Spain extend strike

This week, the Ryanair crew, which has been on strike in Spain for better working conditions since late June, announced that the strikes will be extended by five months.

USO and Sitcpla have announced that there will be a weekly strike Monday through Thursday from August 8 to January 7, 2023. Irish airlines do not comply with Spanish regulations and refuse to negotiate.

Ryanair’s strikes hit numerous airports in Spain: in addition to Madrid, Barcelona and Mallorca, Malaga, Seville, Alicante, Valencia, Girona, Ibiza and Santiago de Compostela. However, due to the maintenance of the ‘minimum services’ required by Spanish legislation during strikes, only a small – often relatively small – proportion of flights can be canceled.

Possible strike by a Lufthansa pilot

In Germany, the pilots’ association Vereinigung Cockpit is voting until Sunday whether to start a strike in August. Lufthansa pilots can then go on strike indefinitely, if no agreement is reached with the group in advance.

The conflict between the union and Lufthansa concerns the collective bargaining that has been going on for months. The union demands a 5.5 percent higher salary by 2022 and automatic inflation compensation.

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