Messe München: The biggest concerts of the year in Germany – Munich

It’s quite shaky up there. When Klaus Leutgeb struggles on a human-tall box with wheels, he struggles. But it looks great. will find a photographer. Leutgeb wears a gray plaid suit, horn-rimmed glasses and a rockabilly parting. “Great, great, great,” encouraged the photographer. click click click. The scenery is also impressive: the almost completely assembled concert stage on the grounds of the Munich-Riem exhibition center. “Monster,” says the man on the box. He put them here: “We released the dragon from the cage.”

Cattle are 150 meters long. It’s three times wider than the giant geek’s current working platform Rammstein. This “multifunctional wonder” stays open at the top, the sky opens up and plays with 5,000 Bavarian diamond-shaped spotlights and light strips. Leutgeb has “something against proscenium scenes” so he doesn’t have a roof. If it rains, the musicians hide under the second level, which they can access and play in dry weather via stairs or an elevator. The bridge itself is 50 meters wide, as is the stadium scene Rolling stones. Already during the foundation in Riem it feels like I am standing under the Benediktenwand. The man upstairs remembers that he is “actually afraid of heights” and would rather get out of the box.

One of a kind: Klaus Leutgeb from Graz is planning the biggest concerts of the year in Germany, but he also has many opponents.

(Photo: Robert Haas)

Which is a bit surprising as Leutgeb is Austrian. For example, he made ski openings in Schladming, which are mass events with concerts. But something as gigantic as in Munich is a novelty for the 52-year-old, the “greatest challenge” of his life, the worst and the most beautiful at the same time. He wants to “Do things other people don’t.” Now the idea was born to organize a concert with Andreas Gabalier in Munich, and above all at a concert by Andreas Gabalier in Munich. So he grabs the finished dirndl and lederhosen magnet that others have made big. But Leutgeb thought of an even bigger, “more special” “human festival of rock’n’roller fans” with an amusement park for a pop preacher upstairs, not with 70,000 visitors, but with 150,000 visitors, where the Pope has already been. blessed.

Germany's biggest concerts of the year: Dirndl and the lederhosen magnet: Austrian alpine rocker Andreas Gabalier returns with an album

Dirndl and lederhosen magnet: Austrian alpine rocker Andreas Gabalier returns with the album “A New Beginning”.

(Photo: Alex Halada / AFP)

Leutgeb stands in the middle of the arena construction site with ten blocks of stands, the shape and dimensions of which resemble an American baseball stadium. Where the focus is on the batsman and pitcher in August, all eyes will be on Andreas Gabalier, Helene Fischer and Robbie Williams. Because when the organizer had to postpone a massive show with Gabalier twice because of Corona, he added two other entertainment leaders to make this huge effort pay off. The return on investment is very, very low, although around 130,000 tickets have already been sold at Gabalier and Fischer and at least 90,000 tickets at Williams (between € 70 and € 600). The project employs a total of 5,000 employees, and the equipment is imported in 500 articulated trucks. However, in the wake of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis, the costs exploded, “giving him many sleepless nights”.

Germany's biggest concerts of the year: Robbie Williams is back.  The British singer has an orchestral album this year with his hits and a new song

Robbie Williams is back. The British singer has released an orchestral album this year with his hits and a new song “Lost”.

(Photo: Georg Wendt / dpa)

The sympathy of the local organizers for the new player is limited. From the first rumors, they formed a front against the former Sturm Graz Vice, operator of the beach and nightclub. First of all, they were very surprised at how easily the city located at the foot of a foreigner an area reserved for parking lots and flea markets, for which they had been applying for centuries. The word “mauschelei” was often used. Of course, Leutgeb complained of “jealousy, resentment and ego” and that those who had no ideas attacked him, the “visionary”, and ultimately caused damage to Munich as a cultural place. He wanted to make the city “one of the most important locations for the international music scene, comparable to the Hyde Park outdoor series in London.” “The photos will be spread all over the world,” says Leutgeb. He convinced Clemens Baumgärtner, manager of economics and tourism, to support him at the town hall and at the fair. Recently, the competition suspected that Leutgeb with permits made things much easier than for themselves, of course Grazer does not want to leave it there. There is “no relief”, a hundred officials sit in the convention center and “check everything for points and commas.” He turns it into a hymn of praise to the “amazingly developed power structure in Munich” and to the representatives of the police, KVR, fire protection and the trade fair: “I’m incredibly happy to be here, at the end of the day you need someone to criticize.” The lightning protection system itself cost 500,000 euros and nothing is more important to him than the safety of visitors.

Biggest concerts of the year in Germany: She is after a baby break

She was “so ready” after the kids’ hiatus, said Helene Fischer behind the scenes of the TV show “The Big Hit Comeback.” The singer from Ammersee also related this to her only live concert in 2022 in Munich: “It will be gigantic”.

(photo: Jan Woitas / dpa)

Leutgeb doesn’t want to be a scarecrow. He is active in oncology care for children and in “Licht ins Dunkel” and is the brother-in-law of DJ Ötzi (known for his good heart), he says. He can take you away. Likewise, Gabalier, Fischer, and Williams, whom he personally called and wrapped around his finger. Objections of opponents, as a thick checkbook would be enough to quickly buy “three gala”, a predator in the honor of Leutgeb as the organizer. The one who “had to walk a lot in life” is finally there where he always wanted to be with his dream of being creative. “These will be unique shows like never before.” And not on the Fischer Tour 2023. The hit queen has been practicing new dances and never-before-seen acrobatic acrobatics with her team just for this program for three weeks.

The biggest concerts of the year in Germany: Eight kilometers of LED strips are designed to set the lighting accent on the stage (here a plan for Robbie Williams).

Eight kilometers of LED strips are to set lighting accents on the stage (here is a plan for Robbie Williams).

(Photo: Florian Wieder / Wiederdesign Munich / LA)

For him, Fischer, Gabalier and Williams are the best live artists in the world who “form one with the audience.” Only because of this, and because of the scene that was tailored to everyone, it could have worked out so enormously. He was “grateful” for the criticism of the head of Olympiapark, Marion Schöne, that each guest would see only a small person on the stage. He then optimized it: just like at the Olympic Stadium, no one was further than 168 meters from the stage, bought 2,000 square meters of LED screens, and placed 18 speaker towers around the area so it wasn’t louder, but to ensure the same sound quality for everyone – ” I copied it from the Bregenz Festival. ” the scene was designed by his friend Flo Wieder, a native of Munich, who works in Los Angeles on TV shows from ESC to the “MTV Awards” and “American Idol”; lighting designer Roland Greil, also from Munich, recently allowed Rammstein to go up in flames; London-based Wonder Works is also planning an Olympic Games. He only wants the best. It can make you dizzy. Leutgeb is scrambling back onto the asphalt from above. When it comes to the future of the fair, he is not blinking his eyes at new heights: the situation is too precarious now, he says, and so far there are no big plans.

Andreas Gabalier, Saturday, August 6, Helene Fischer, Saturday, August 20, Robbie Williams, Saturday, August 27, Messe Riem

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