New surcharge: What to expect from gas consumers

As of 07/29/2022 12:41 PM

The new gas surcharge passed by the government makes energy even more expensive. Especially for families, there may be additional costs of more than 1,000 euros per year, according to comparison websites.

Author: Notker Blechner,

When it comes to energy costs, many Germans are threatened with another hike by autumn at the latest. In addition to the higher gas bills that are likely to come from some utility companies, a new energy bill will also impact from October. Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) announced that this should be between 1.5 and 5 cents per kilowatt hour. Habeck has identified the additional costs of several hundred euros per household that consumers will incur as a result of the surcharge.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) previously spoke of increasing gas prices by two cents per kilowatt-hour – and an additional cost of 200 or 300 euros per year for a family of four.

The question of the size of the house

The comparison portal Check24 has calculated that families may actually be more burdened. For a surcharge of two cents, a four-person household, eg a family with two children, with an annual consumption of 20,000 kilowatt hours (on an area of ​​180 m2) would have to bear additional costs of 476 euros per year. With a contribution of five cents, the family would need to raise an additional € 1,190.

Even a family with one child – with a house area of ​​150 square meters and a consumption of 18,000 kilowatt hours – would have to incur additional annual costs of 1,071 euros for a gas fee of five cents, Check24 calculated. At best, she will get away with 321 euros if the fee is only 1.5 cents.

Up to € 714 in fees for married couples

For a pair of households with an annual consumption of 12,000 kWh, the additional costs resulting from allocation are, according to Check24, between 214 and 714 euros. For a single household with an annual consumption of 5,000 kWh of gas per year, you can expect additional costs of between 89 and 298 euros. The Verivox consumption portal has also created model calculations and achieves the same numbers as Check24.

Economy Minister Habeck stressed that the relief will bring relief to those citizens who have slipped to the poverty line because of the subsidy: “This is not a good step, but it is a necessary step.” This becomes bearable through measures of social compensation.

The amount of the contribution has not yet been determined

The planned surcharge for all gas consumers is to apply from October 1. According to the Federal Ministry of Economy, the exact amount of the fee should be published on the Internet by mid to late August. It depends on what claims are being made by gas importers.

The gas surcharge applies to millions of Germans. About half of all flats in Germany are gas-heated. Thanks to the surcharge, suppliers should be able to pass on the sharply increased purchase prices to all gas consumers, resulting from the recently increasingly restricted Russian supplies. It is planned that importers will be able to pass on 90 percent of the higher purchase costs through the fee. Importers still have to bear their own costs until the end of September.

When does the federal government help?

Stadtwerke-Verband requires prompt clarity from politicians in order to be able to inform customers with legal certainty about the amount of the gas surcharge. “Otherwise, utilities will have to temporarily pay a fee for their customers that few can keep even for a short time,” she told a spokesman for the Union of Utilities (VKU) media group Funke. The association called for eight to ten weeks to be prepared.

Meanwhile, consumer ombudsmen say additional relief for low-income households will come quickly. “If the surcharge comes on October 1, the federal government must receive a consumer support package,” said Ramona Pop, head of the Federal Association of Consumer Organizations.

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