Peach Concert at Huxley’s New World: Dervish with Vagina Headdress – Culture

With a hunched back, leaning on a walker, Peaches crawls across the stage at the start of his concert at Huxley’s Neue Welt. He wears a vagina-shaped hat on his head. With trembling hands, she puts her glasses over her nose. Yes, it’s been a while since the singer recorded her debut album The Teaches of Peaches, over 20 years.

And yes, she is now fifty. Didn’t you expect me to act like a grandmother? He seems to be asking the audience with his introduction.

But the next moment, she throws her vagina’s headgear into the corner, takes off her coat, takes off her long pants, stands topless and is all the Peaches who are known the world over as a queer icon and a sexually positive dervish two decades ago. If you move her show to an area she’s mostly related to, from now on she really offers everything but soft cuddling sex but hardcore without any taboos.

It’s been a while since her last album, I haven’t heard much from her for a long time. Also in Berlin, the Canadian who lives here does not seem to be presenting the new album, but the old “The Teaches Of Peaches”.

It breaks through song by song, “Set it off”, “Lovertits”, the hits of an album that has long been a classic of the half-forgotten electro clash genre.

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It is no coincidence that Peaches perform the day before Pride, which coincides with the Dyke March which parades through the streets just meters from Huxley’s. The Queers are her favorite audience, they seem to be the majority at her sold-out concert.

They all dressed like they were trying their CSD outfits, at least a little glitter on their faces is part of it. The star of the evening seems to force a different outfit on each new song. With Peaches appearing half-naked most of the time, which is admittedly a somewhat eccentric stage appearance.

The audience is carrying Peaches

Peaches enters the stage alone – with her drum machine, which made her famous at the beginning of her stay in Berlin. Then he accompanies a guitarist cultivating the gothic style as in 1981, finally the drummer joins them. From now on, rock instruments work against the electronic sound. It moves between club music, hip-hop and a mixture of heavy metal and punk.

It wasn’t long before Peaches was literally swept by the audience. Anyone can dive on stage, she moves on a sea of ​​hands and sings on. Your performance is extremely physical.

The dancers behind Peaches continue to undress, eventually becoming entangled. The strip show becomes a sex show, and you soon feel like you’re part of an orgy. Peaches wears a blouse that says “Thank God for abortion.” A nod to the United States, where reactionaries who want to pass laws restricting women’s rights are guaranteed to suffer a heart attack if they watch Peaches.

In the “Nasty” contest, everyone yells how rude they are

When Teaches of Peaches broke through, it’s still going on. The audience knows: one song is still missing. Peaches is now singing more old songs and some new songs she wrote during Corona’s worst months.

The show repeats a little, only it is applied more thickly. There are more dicks, clits and tits in the lyrics, and more vaginas are being taken for walks. At the “Nasty” competition, Berliners should scream how rude they are to declare Berlin the world capital of rude people.

Finally, a giant airship-sized penis is inflated and held towards the audience while Peaches walks in it – it’s a really great show.

And then comes the number everyone has been waiting for: “Fuck the pain away”, which has just been voted the best sex song of all time by Radio Eins listeners. Even before “Je t’aime … moi non plus”. To stay with the painting: this is actually the highlight.

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