Season 4 of WoW: Shadowlands is coming soon

In a few days, on August 3, 2022, the fourth and final season of WoW: Shadowlands will begin. After Blizzard’s developers, only one recently large FAQ about the latest news of the season published, it’s time for the official patch notes for Germany. Stay tuned for details on features such as fateful raids, empowered world bosses, or the new Mythic Plus affix.

WoW: Shadowlands Season 4 – Official German Patch Notes for July 29, 2022

Fatal raids

  • Every week of season 4 from Shadowlands focuses on another fatal invasion: Castle Nathria, Sanctum of Dominance, or Mausoleum of the First. Enemies in fatal raids are stronger and will drop upgraded loot with a higher item tier. Bosses, on the other hand, are equipped with various fatal powers that make them more dangerous and offer powerful bonuses.
  • Seasonal Destiny Raid rewards include the new Feats of Strength, the older Jigglesworth mount, the title Hero of Destiny, and teleportation to all raids from Shadowlands.
      • Charges the player, dealing space damage every second for 30 seconds. The effect stacks and when the charge is removed, it sends Sparks of Creation to nearby locations, empowering players within 0 yards of impact, increasing Time Lapse by 15%, increasing attack and throwing speed for 20 seconds. Increase cooldown and periodic ticks, and increase movement speed by 45%. This effect is cumulative. When Spark of Creation hits the ground and there are no players nearby to boost it, it explodes, dealing cosmic damage every 2 seconds for 20 seconds. This effect is cumulative.
      • Creates an enemy that can constantly cast spells and can be attacked. This enemy is immune to damage until the first successful spell is cast or until the first interrupt. Successfully cast spells deal cosmic damage to all players. Every 5 seconds, the Emitter’s damage increases by 0%. This effect is cumulative. If it is successfully interrupted, the Emitter will emit and deal cosmic damage to all players. After defeating this enemy, grants all players a power based on the energy level of the Emitter, increasing Mastery by 10, Critical Chance up to 10%, which increases Versatility by up to 10% and Avoidance by up to 8.
      • Boosts the caster, dealing cosmic damage to all players every 3 seconds. When this barrier is removed, it creates an attackable enemy and throws an absorbing shield shared with all other enemies for 15 seconds. A second unit appears that can be healed to reduce the strength of the common shield. When it expires, the barrier explodes, dealing cosmic damage as well as dealing cosmic damage to all players every second for 8 seconds. When the barrier is destroyed, it deals all the damage it deals while the barrier is down in place as space damage to all enemies, and also grants all players up to 25% increased damage, 25% increased healing, and 25% increased absorption for 40 seconds.
      • Summons Chaotic Essence that casts Chaotic Destruction, dealing cosmic damage to all players upon success. Upon interacting, the Essence becomes hostile and instead continually creates Chaotic Particles. These particles deal cosmic damage to target players every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds. When Particles are defeated, they split into more Particles. After 15 seconds, Chaotic Essence disappears, increasing damage, healing and absorption for all players by 2% for 25 seconds. This effect stacks for each Chaos Shard you kill.

World of Warcraft | Season 4 is the best thing Blizzard can do

    • In season 4 Shadowlands The suspicious three merchants are walking around the Great Vault. Each of these traders has goods from one of the three fateful raids on Shadowlands. They sell trinkets, weapons and other special items on the normal tier of Fatal Raids items (278 to 285) in this raid. All of these items cost the same price: every Confusing Cartel Dinar, but there’s a catch. You can only earn 3 Confusing Cartel Dinars for the entire season. After the last dinar has been issued, the merchants leave the city, taking their goods with them.
    • For 3 stunning cartel dinners, you can play any Fatal Raid in Shadowlands enter to start a three part quest line. These missions require you to kill a certain number of different Fatal Bosses – different means you will only win 1 victory if you kill Tarragree on Normal and Heroic difficulty, for example in the same week. For completing these quests, you will receive a Confusing Cartel Dinar, after which the next part of the quest will begin.
    • Killing bosses in fate raids on Heroic or Mythic difficulty gives you 1 confusing cipher of the correct difficulty level. Collect 20 Heroic or Mythic Ciphers to create a crafting impulse that can upgrade any fatal item to a Heroic or Mythic quality.
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