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Sido concert in Braunschweig: Highlights

07/29/2022, 17:51

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Rapper Sido gave a surprise concert during his lunch break at the OMR digital festival in Hamburg in May. On Friday evening, he is a guest in Braunschweig at the Raffteichbad for an open-air concert.

Photo: Jonas Walzberg / dpa

A true German heavyweight rapper: Sido plays in Braunschweig on Friday night. What fans should know about the concert and the artist.

FROM Sido gives you one of the most famous knocker German Outdoor concert on Friday, July 29 at Brunswick. The concert begins on the open-air stage Raffteichbad at 8pm. Entry from 18:30.

Are there any tickets for the Sido concert in Braunschweig?

According to the concert box (also by Funke Niedersachsen), there are still tickets: a normal standing position costs € 51.40, a front ticket is € 71.40

What will the weather be like at the Sido concert in Braunschweig?

At open-air concerts such as Sido in Raffteichbad, i.e. weather of key importance. From Friday 27 July at 5:15 pm it should be closed the beginning of the concert for example according to “Weather Online” 24 ° C be warm, with cloudy skies, light breeze and 40 percent chance of rain. This means: in the past, it was raining 4 out of 10 days with this weather constellation. By the way, the sunset is announced at 21.15, so it’s perfect for the concert finale!

What’s the best way to get to the concert?

Undercover’s co-organizer advises you to come with us bike or bus. The 418 bus will be available from 18:00 Town hall stop and after the show, drive more frequently. parking place for the car is from the Stadt am Madame the way and from the side of B1 / Lamme an der Neudammstrasse.

Can I bring a drink to the Sido concert in Braunschweig?

Organizer, Volksbank BraWo stage, writes: “It is allowed to bring only – only non-alcoholic (!) – drinks up to a maximum size of 0.5l container per person in the TetraPak or in a plastic bottle (PET / without lid). Larger packages – i.e. over 0.5 liters – as well as glass or cans are not allowed, and you are not allowed to bring food with you. “

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What am I not allowed to bring to the concert?

The organizer also has a statement ready to say: “It will be Security check and luggage at the entrance so please be prepared for a longer waiting time at the entrance. In addition, you cannot (!) Bring to the event area: large bags, backpacks (larger than DIN A4!), (Folding) chairs, (picnic) blankets, sun or umbrellas (also “tots”), all kinds of weapons, fireworks and pyrotechnics, aerosol cans (e.g. deodorant, hairspray), glass bottles / cans (max 0.5l TetraPack / PET (without lid) per person are allowed), all intoxicants, cameras with interchangeable lenses, racist, xenophobic and radical propaganda material, animals … and any other items that may cause injury. “

What cameras are allowed?

This is only pocket cameras allowed. SLR cameras or basically all cameras with a lens are not. mobile phones are of course allowed! According to the organizer, where recording is prohibited, it should be marked.

Excited before you start? Here are some exciting facts about the Berlin rap icon.

Who is Sido?

Bourgeois means Sido Paweł Godny. He has had a stage name since the late 1990s and means “S.shit ANDn Dand ABOUTPan. “However, breaking this acronym no longer plays a role in his music. Sido first gained fame as a duo. Royal TS along with the rapper B tight or later with a group Sect. He then reached a wider audience as a solo artist with a Berlin label aggro Berlinwhere he likes many famous Berlin rappers Bushido, Fler, Tony D or kitten were covered by the contract. His trademark back then was the skull mask, which he took off only in 2005, when he performed at the Bundesvision Song Contest and today

Sido is now a fixture in the German A-list scene, and his music regularly tops the German charts, also with radio-ready tracks like “Bilder im Kopf” or tracks with pop singers like Andrzej Bourani or Mark Forster. Sido also appears regularly on TV shows such as the voice of Germany (as a coach) and played a few cinema films (Half Brothers, Blutzbrüdaz)

Where does Sido come from?

FROM Ur-Berliner was born in East Berlin in 1980 and grew up in Brandenburg County on. Quarter plays a role in many of his songs, including one of his early hits, “Mein Block.” As his path took him from “MV to the world”, according to Sido with the song “Ackan”, Sido got from “Drecksviertel” to Berlin’s “Bacon Belt” according to his song “Wie Papa” (2019).

What are Sido’s biggest hits?

The question of Sido’s greatest hits should divide fans: oldskul fans naturally call classics like “Mein Block”, “Augen auf” or “Fuffies at the club”. However, number 1 in the charts and double platinum (twice 50,000 sales) brought the song Sido “Astronaut” with Andreas Bourani. Sido taught it together with Mark Forster “Goodbye” even to one single diamond (over a million copies sold). But the rapper also went platinum with solo hits such as “Bilder im Kopf” and “Tausend Tattoos”. For example, from the rapper’s current songs, the song reached out “2002” FROM Apache 207 over 125 million streams on the platform Spotify.

What is Sido’s most successful album?

The 2013 album 30-11-80 sold over 225,000 copies and went platinum. But also Sido’s last solo album “I and no mask” won a gold record.

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