Which of these 9 personality types describe you best?

Type 1: Perfectionist: in

People with type 1 enneagram have I encourage you to constantly improve. They want to avoid mistakes and have particularly high standards. They have these high standards for themselves and others. Perfectionists are especially meticulous and conscientious and use all their energy to bring order to chaos and to meet their expectations.

People with type 1 are not uncommon workaholics. You have an exceptional eye for detail and others usually appreciate your efforts. They are very loyal and always live up to the expectations of others.

However, her perfectionism can also become a challenge. Perfectionists are common Frustratedwhen things don’t go the way you imagined. They also go often obstinate approach certain things that may make life less enjoyable. The high expectations of a perfectionist can also be a challenge for others and for them under the pressure.

Common Properties:

  • Perfectionist
  • Carefully
  • Defiant
  • Conscientious
  • Solution oriented

Type 2: Helper

The people of the Type 2 Enneagram i love to look after others and make other people happy. They derive their value from the support of others and put their needs aside. Harmony is her highest priority.

People with type 2 are often quiet, withdrawn, driven by their feelings and put a lot of energy into personal relationships. Since the midfielder likes to support other people, he often finds himself in social professions.

However, midfielders do not give without conditions. In return, they expect gratitude and value creation because their devotion and appreciation is everything to them and the end of everything. Sometimes it can even be so important to them that it’s almost desperate they are looking for recognition. Failure to do so can often result in outbreaks of hysteria or emotional pressure.

People with type 2 are often prone to: Burnout or depressive moodsbecause they often set aside their own physical and emotional needs to help others.

Common Properties:

  • Sensitive
  • Generously
  • self sacrifice
  • I’m looking for closeness
  • Altruistic

Type 3: Creator

The focus of performers and performers (sometimes also called dynamics) is performance and success. You have a strong competitive spirit and you always want to be the best. On the other hand, the Enneagram Type 3 is ready to do anything and works very hard when needed.

confirmation he needs it as he needs air to breathe and he needs the recognition he thinks he deserves. Sometimes it even comes to the point that the perpetrator (dynamic driver) leads a life that others envy him, but which he is not really happy with.

The creator is very interested in his surroundings charismatic and charming. Enjoying life and energy is contagious, and socializing is very important to Type 3. But Type 3 always has fear of failure or get to your surroundings badly. Therefore, it is difficult for him to allow him to be really close, because he is afraid that other people might see the facade.

Common Properties:

  • success oriented
  • Cute
  • Ambitious
  • Flexible
  • Self-assured

Type 4: Individualist: in

Individualists see themselves as very special and are convinced that they are significantly different from other people. Although they celebrate their uniqueness, they do not always perceive it as a gift. On the one hand, they pride themselves on standing out from the crowd, on the other they feel they do their individuality makes life difficult.

Enter 4 people want overturn their insides and show the world what they really are. Often these people find themselves in creative and artistic professions. Self-realization and self-disclosure is always its ultimate goal.

The Type 4 Enneagram people’s greatest desire is be accepted for who they are. They want to appreciate their uniqueness. However, if they don’t get it, they feel rejected and undesirable and back off. Usually they wait for the rescuer instead of helping themselves.

Common Properties:

  • Creative
  • eccentric
  • Individually
  • romantic
  • Sensitive

Type 5: Researcher

in world of science scientists are fine. You are passionate about artistic, scientific and social topics. They often withdraw and flee to their own world because they feel that they don’t understand it yet.

Type 5 people have difficulty expressing their emotionsso they prefer to keep others at bay so as not to face expectations. They ask little from other people, they are very frugal and discreet.

It can be difficult to discuss with someone dealing with the Type 6 Enneagram. He is reluctant to be dissuaded from his own beliefs. Researchers often very inteligentbut I also like building walls arrogance and indifference around oneself.

Common Properties:

  • Interesting
  • Independently
  • bright
  • devoted
  • ingenious

Type 6: Skeptic: in

People with type 6 Enneagram are true brooders. They are very problem oriented and find the right solution for every situation. At the same time, people with this personality type are also very much cautious and insecure. Skeptics think things over and imagine scenarios that haven’t happened yet. Their skepticism takes a lot of their strength because they think a lot about everything. They hate spontaneity and unpredictability. They don’t like to take risks.

It also takes longer to work with other people before they gain trust and put aside skepticism. But once you’ve proven yourself to them, the skeptics are very much loyal.

Common Properties:

  • Careful
  • suspect
  • Reliable
  • Loyal
  • responsible

Type 7: Enthusiast

Enthusiasts always think about the future. They are I am always looking for new challenges and bursting with energy. Type 7 people think there is always a better opportunity waiting for them and they can’t wait to see what awaits them.

They love to plan and they are very open and creative. Pleasure comes first in her life. The other side of the coin: people with type 7 often show a repressive behavior to negative emotions and often deny deficits.

They also have afraid to miss and always looking for the next moment of happiness. If this does not happen, or if they fail to suppress their frustration, sadness, and pain, they can overcome negative feelings, which is why these people are often prone to depression and anxiety.

Common Properties:

  • Optimistic
  • Spontaneous
  • Versatile
  • Thrilling
  • I’m patient

Type 8: Fighter: in

self-determination stands for Enneagram types 8 at the top. They hate being controlled by others or dictated. Fighters have tremendous willpower and fight for their autonomy. Therefore, they often tend to dominate othersnot to be dominated.

Type 9 people want to live life to the full. You have a great physical desire however, deep emotional ties are difficult for thembecause then they become vulnerable and dependent on other people. Once you gain the fighter’s trust, they are very loyal and will do whatever they can to protect their loved ones. You have a big caring instinct.

But if things don’t go as they imagined, people with type 8 choleric and sometimes even aggressive tendencies expose.

Common Properties:

  • energetic
  • Firm
  • Self-assured
  • decisive
  • controlling

Enter 9: Intermediary: in

For the mediator, everything revolves around Harmony. The Type 9 likes to avoid conflicts. However, since conflicts often determine everyday life, the Type 9 likes to pull back a bit. In social situations, he is usually on the edge. Type 9 is more likely Followers for fear of conflict.

You’re special humble, kind and tolerant. You gain trust quickly and you see good in everything. They believe in fate and have a strong relationship with nature. They are very patient and loving children.

However, personality type 9 doesn’t like change so much because there is potential for conflict. It is convenient in stable life situationswhich often means she misses opportunities. He rarely takes risks and therefore hardly contributes to changing the circumstances of his life. It also depends on lack of self-confidence.

Common Properties:

  • in need of harmony
  • Sensitive
  • Tolerant
  • Secretive
  • reluctance to conflict

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