5 reasons why the Harry Styles concert is also held at a higher level

Getting tickets in no time wasn’t that easy when the show was actually sold out. However, there are still a few places left. Especially in the higher tiers of the arena. It’s easy to explain why the Harry Styles concert is also held at a higher level:

1. Everything in view!

The higher and farther from the stage, the better the overall view of the concert space is. It was worth double at the Harry Styles concert! The set design consisted solely of a two-tier, colorful podium that faced the audience in a slightly U-shaped shape. From the upper tier, you could watch the unregistered band on a pedestal: including the talented drummer Sarah Jones, who was placed slightly higher in the center of the pedestal. Behind the pedestal, far away above the stage, there was a screen about the entire stage, showing visualizations and nudes.

Photo: Helena Stoessel

Thanks to the simple scenery, the view of the area behind the stage was clear. Especially if you were sitting sideways on a higher level. So you could see Harry sliding backstage before the show even started and giving loud signals in the arena. It’s amazing when you can watch the entire stage performance. Also the entire performance with his signature dances and Harry’s walks on stage and across the docking bridge, a third of which protruded out into the arena. Sometimes it may be missing in the interior. So you could see exactly what and how much the fans threw on the stage. There was everything from flowers, country flags and pride to a pink inflatable guitar. Nobody sits in their seats at a Harry Styles concert, even though most of the arena’s interior was dubiously seated. There was also a celebration with a polonaise throughout the interior, which then had to be interrupted by security. This dynamic and subsequent termination procedure was itself a distraction. The first-row girl’s trip to her mother in the auditorium, personally “led” by Harry Styles, was also closely watched. But the upper tier was also showered with kisses on Harry’s hands several times.

2. Colorful starry sky!

You can see that the upper storey had warmed up the atmosphere with La Ola waves and loud singing before the concert. But Harry Styles fans wouldn’t be Harry Styles fans if they didn’t add some colorful elements to the show. Before the concert, multi-colored sticky notes were distributed, which could be stuck in front of the cell phone lamp. While you could gaze into the colorful, starry sky from inside, the concert-goers on the upper floors were the stars. A bit cheesy but somehow you were part of the show and added a nice element of surprise. While the interior also shone, the upper tiers also formed a kind of rainbow colored due to their curvature.


3. You and your crew!

We quickly found ourselves on a higher level. Small blocks can even make a concert quite intimate. Time for a selfie with a colorful costume without pushing. You, your crew and Harry Styles are playing just for you. And if you came alone or didn’t know your neighbors yet, Harry Styles had the right speech anyway at the beginning of the show: “Look right. Say I love you. Look left. Do the same. Now close your eyes and say to yourself, “I love you.” A bit pathetic, but a good start for the group atmosphere. When you stand there and play “I see something you can’t see” or read fan posters from afar to your companion and you have a good time, you also enjoy an incredibly strange but safe roar in front of you You could hear your own block very well despite the loud atmosphere of the arena and Harry Styles is already top notch.

4. Safe place!

A safe place even in an emergency? this is the next level! If your favorite earring or chain breaks, you can easily find jewelry in the top layer during the concert. Nothing is trampled on. Even if it got too hot, like yesterday at 38 degrees in Berlin, it was possible to step out of the terrace for a moment of breath or a cold drink and go outside. You didn’t have to worry about the long commutes and, at worst, the lack of “Medicine” (a song Harry Styles never released but is extremely popular live. Everyone in Berlin was crazy when he played it). On a higher level, things were so familiar to Harry’s fans that you could ask for extra glitter or a power bank. And even if you are there only because a companion pulled you: you are safe on a higher level!

Photo: Helena Stoessel

5. Watermelon sugar

Each song exuded its own light dynamics in the room, which in fact could only affect the higher levels. For example, in the case of “Watermelon Sugar”, the auditorium was lit in green and pink – the swirling lights coincided most densely in the interior. And if we were to put it in Harry’s words, the top tier was like his song “Watermelon Sugar”: So High. It was lovely and warm there. Instead of strawberries, you can have popcorn or ice cream and inhale and exhale the whole room on a beautiful summer evening. Even if you love belly, insides just as much, it can’t work without a top layer – think aloud about it. You just have to try this one: Watermelon Sugar HIGH.

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