BriMel on the move: Germany’s Unity Square was bursting at the seams

Ludwigshafen. On the evening of July 29, various events took place in the city of Ludwigshafen. The Australian group “Gravity and Other Myths” took part in the “Competition Arena” at the German Unity Square. At 8:30 PM, the square in front of the Rheingalerie was full of spectators. Blessed is the one who was there early enough and had a great view of the troops.

The event was organized by the dasHaus community center, and admission was free. The 32nd Ludwigshafen Cultural Summer 2022 is supported by Sparkasse Vorderpfalz as main sponsor and the Rhineland-Palatinate Cultural Summer.

The Australian troupe Gravity & Other Myths transformed a modest square into a world of spectacular world-class acrobatics. “Simple Space” has won many awards, including the award for the best circus at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. In casual T-shirts and rolled-up jeans, five acrobats and two acrobats ruthlessly exceeded their physical limits. Presented so intimately you could feel the warmth and hear every breath. It was a very special circus. The lucky seven artists had an incredible amount of strength and endurance. One even managed to roll 30 times in the air from a standing position. At first it all started harmlessly, then one of the corpses shouted, “We’re going” and one by one they all fell down, remember, it was a trial fall. An erotic skipping rope ensued in which one item of clothing fell behind the other. And in fact, at the end of the day, the artist was wearing nothing and kept jumping on the rope, remembering that you were protecting his hands from his best work. This alone is a feat as the other two colleagues were still swinging the rope. A human pyramid and two acrobats throwing back and forth marked the end of a sweaty, spectacular hour. I got the information from Rainer from Ludwigshafen, because unfortunately I arrived quite late, the visibility was zero and I enjoyed a little chat. And if you missed it, you have the chance again today at 5:15 pm and 8:30 pm and on Sunday at 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

Then the scene was cleared by another group “Tangaj Collective” from Romania with a dance piece “Daughters”, which was supposed to perform at 9.50 pm. Three young, athletic women on roller skates are the daughters of a confused generation. the freedom of modernity and the imprints of previous generations of mothers and grandmothers. All this was done in full physical effort. The show was accompanied by dark, electronic music by the Ukrainian composer Monocube and hallucinatory video sequences of the German artist M. Kardinal. A voice off the screen was telling the Story of the Dance in English. It all started in slow motion, pure body control, a look at the aesthetics and every single muscle became visible. Some of the movement sequences in place resembled a moonwalk. Suddenly all three skaters were sitting on the floor for a few minutes and just kissing on the heads together disconnected. What started to slow down completely was replaced after about 30 minutes by wild headbanging and quick circular hand movements to immediately revert to the slowdown. At the end, the three of them shook their hair as if in ecstasy, only to gradually break down. It was an expressive dance of a special kind.

Compared to the previous Gravity & Other Myths show, this show was not that engaging and the ranks thinned. The tastes are different now. Here is also another opportunity to watch again today at 21:50.

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