Donyell Malen: A problematic child that suddenly becomes “really fun.”

While a possible replacement for Sebastien Haller became a constant topic for Borussia Dortmund, another striker made a quiet spot in the spotlight: Donyell Malen. The Dutchman became not only one of the winners of the preparations, but also the match winner in the DFB Cup match at TSV 1860 Munich.

“He was really cool in the first half,” said BVB coach Edin Terzic after a 3-0 win against Lions praising Malen. In addition to the first goal at the start, which left three opposing defenders standing on their feet, he also prepared a 3–0 lead for Karim Adeyemi. He managed to make a 2-0 after a nice combo with Marco Reus who served Jude Bellingham in an exemplary manner.

It was one of Malen’s few good performances since his arrival in summer 2021 that provided PSV Eindhoven with a whopping 30 million euros. Even away from three goals, he was an example of Terzic’s match plan like no other: “We wanted to take advantage of the fact that 1860s are defending in a very human-oriented way. In this way, we were able to open up the spaces. It worked well. His teammates were still searching and finding the 23-year-old on the left flank, his dribbling speed and constant dashing into the interface drove the 1960s to despair.

So much so that the hosts’ coach Michael Köllner had to react after only 20 minutes and took the completely overwhelmed Christopher Lannert off the pitch. It only stopped Malen once in that short amount of time – at the cost of a yellow card. But the successor of Niklas Lang also couldn’t put him down. The two did not win the match together until Malens was replaced in the 66th minute.

Even in the pre-season, he was in “good shape” despite the forced break, as sports director Sebastian Kehl recently noted. The Dutch international’s brilliant early form was not at all apparent after his sobering rookie season in Dortmund.

BVB: painting in its rookie season with terrifying value

According to the statistics portal he came in on an underground expected of 0.28 goals in 90 minutes of play. In Europe’s top 5 leagues, only eleven percent of all attackers were inferior in value. Ultimately, nine goals and six assists were scored in 38 games, which is still not enough given the high transfer fee.

“My first year was fine,” Malen concluded in a recent interview sport1 a bit unsaid: “I’ve had some good times, but also bad ones. Overall, I am very optimistic that it will be a better year and that I can help the team achieve my goals. ” He immediately gave the appropriate justification: “I’ve been here for a year now and now I know the people in the area much better. I think many things will be easier to do now. In addition, I’m really tough. Holidays have been good for me. It all makes me feel confident. “

BVB: Moukoko alone can’t fix it (yet).

The words Malen in the cup followed directly with the deeds – and that’s exactly what BVB needs right now. With Haller absent for months after his shock diagnosis, opinions on who should score in the future are currently divided. Though Adeyemi, who played Malen’s right-hand counterpart, also scored, the newcomer from Salzburg cannot compensate for the lack of strength and solidity in the attack. The same goes for Youssoufy Moukoko, who was operating at the center of the attack.

The 17-year-old only touched the ball seven times in the first 45 minutes and stressed that continuity simply cannot be expected from him. It doesn’t take a prophet to say that Moukoko still needs time. Time he would have had for Haller. So you have to distribute the burden to the other shoulders – and that’s where a good picture comes in handy. Or maybe they will be the arms of the temporary backup striker?

BVB: An internal solution instead of a new forward?

After greats like Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani, Mauro Icardi, and Edin Dzeko visited the gossip mill, according to picture– Zeitung, Krzysztof Piątek from Hertha BSC is also an option, the candidates are also Jhon Cordoba and Arkadiusz Milik.

Kehl also confirmed skythat he has a “list in his head” to be prepared for any eventuality. However, financial resources are limited. “Clearly we can’t spend as much money again as we did with Sebastien Haller. This is not possible at the moment. We have to be a little creative, ”he explained. Loud picture Dortmund can only invest ten million euros, including salaries, in a new striker.

You don’t want anything by force anyway, the 42-year-old emphasized: “We will not allow ourselves to be pressured, we will only do something when it makes sense.” On the other hand, BVB also has “a lot of youth and freshness in the line-up”.

Terzic also announced that he didn’t want to rush anything and focused on the player’s existing material: “My job as a coach is to look after an inner solution. We have a great youth department, we have some really good guys in our squad. My job is to find the right solution for next week. ” And finding them may be easier than you think. Especially since now painting is starting to be fun.

BVB: Summer timetable overview

date Opponent place of the event Competition
Tuesday, July 5 Lüner SV (3: 1) Schwansbell Arena, Lünen elimination
Saturday, July 9 Dynamo Dresden (2-0) Rudolf Harbig Stadium, Dresden elimination
Thursday, July 14 SC Losing (5: 0) Sports club hall, ext elimination
Monday 18 July Valencia (1: 3) Training camp in Altach elimination
Friday, July 22 Villarreal (0-2) Training camp in Altach elimination
Friday, July 29 TSV 1860 Munich (0: 3) The stadium on Grünwalder Strasse, Munich DFB Cup, 1st Round
Saturday, August 6 Bayer 04 Leverkusen Westphalian Stadium, Dortmund Bundesliga, first round

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